Inside the mind of America’s (raunchy, foul mouthed, overly opinionated, sexually aggressive, incredibly offensive, fly by the minute, ridiculously absurd, often times erratic, psychologically questionable) Sweetheart.

Meet The Fuckers February 21, 2008

Kyra AKA the108, Kyra Sutra and Sweet Tits:

Date of Birth: October 25th, 1978
Age: 29
Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio

Kyra was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up there until age sisteen. At that time, she ran away from home and hitchiked to Florida where she lived in a tree for two years until meeting and marrying the109 and spitting out a bunch of kids.

Kyra loves anything musical and artistic, reading, writing, watching movies, partying it up and… just about anything. Known for being intelligent, absurd, spontaneous, obsessive, compulsive, sexual and outgoing.

Dean-o AKA the109 or Muchmore:

Date of Birth: August 14th, 1079
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Clearwater, Florida

Dean-o is a musician and has been singing, songwriting and playing guitar since high school. Since 2000, he has been a soldier in the United States Army in the communications field and will be deploying to Mosul, Iraq in September of 2008.

Dean enjoys video games, discussing politics and more video games. He is an accurate killing machine with is rifle and can take down his target at 300 meters. And, he loves his wife and gets really mad if someone upsets her.

Dean is easily the quiet intellectual of the family. He suffers from severe social anxiety disorder and will freak the fuck out in Wal-Mart.

Matthew AKA Man-Man, Poop Neck, and The Turd:

Date of Birth: April 18th, 1999
Age: 8
Place of Birth: St. Petersburg, Florida

Matt is a very technologically minded kid. He excels at video games and computers but he is also pretty creative and imaginative. He enjoys reading and watching movies and playing sports, hanging out with his friends and flirting with girls.

Matt is in the third garde and is really smart. His vocabulary is extraordinary and…. colorful. He’s quick with numbers and has a knack for drawing and writing stories.

Owen AKA “O”, Duder, and Hot Stuff:

Date of Birth: March 31st, 2003
Age: 4
Place of Birth: Kitzingen, Germany

Owen is a real warrior. He’s strong and brave and protective. He is also very loving and playful.

Owen is the snuggler of the family and he’s typically very sweet until pushed. Then, he’ll kick your ass.

Owen enjoys pretending to be superheroes and he pretty much loves anything to do with superheroes. He’s really easygoing and imaginative and is particularly close to his sister, Olivia.

Olivia AKA Livvie, Kitten, Babycakes, Doll face and Monkey Butt:

Date of Birth: February 17th, 2005
Place of Birth: El Paso, Texas

Olivia is beautiful, cheerful and fun but she is not to be underestimated. She’s tough and can hold her own but sometimes she just likes to be the Princess.

Olivia is into just about everything… dolls, make believe, dress up, movies, reading and drawing. She’s feisty and sweet but she’s a total firecracker who knows just when to turn on the charm.

Emi AKA: Chubbins, Smiley, Wee One and Sweetness:

Date of Birth: June 12th, 2007
Age: 8 months
Place of Birth: Ft. Lewis, Washington

Emi is the miracle baby who has such a rough start right from the beginning but now she is growing to be such a sweetie pie. Her existance is a pure joy and she is spoiled rotten since she is the baby of the family. Emi makes everyone happy but she poops a lot and is currently being wicked from teething.

But we love her.


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