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This just in: My pussy hurts. January 2, 2008

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I pulled my vagina just now. Doing pilates of all things. I made it through cardio at six A.M. and yoga at 9:30 and my vagina finally gave out about midway through my pilates session.

This has never happened before. What does it mean? Is my vagina out of shape? Am I dealing with a lazy pussy?

I haven’t had to ice my nillies in quite a while. Currently, the Jolly Green Giant is giving me a wicked round of the cunnilingus if you know what I mean.

(That was sexy speak for me sitting on a bag of frozen corn.)

(LOL. I’ve been cornholed for real this time.)

Yoga makes me high.


Newsworthy December 6, 2007

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This just in! Victoria Beckham sleeps naked with husband David Beckham, the singer fashion designer model justifiable celebrity wife of soccer star David Beckham tells Elle magazine.

The has been…. everything… tells her reader that there are more things to be doing with Becks than sleeping. I agree! I’d fuck him, too, and so would just about anyone. I’m put off a bit, though…

I sleep naked. Why is THIS not newsworthy???