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Things That Make You Go WTF??? August 7, 2007

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How old would say the artist who made this drawing is?

Hold your cursor over the drawing for a better look. Then, take a look at the bottom and see if you can decipher the name of the artist.

OLIVIA did this. She is two years old and she did this with NO help whatsoever. I had no clue and, frankly, I had a heart attack when I saw this. Here I sit watching Law and Order when the cuteness comes to me and asks for paper. She is holding a pen she has found in Daddy’s coat pocket and so I get her a piece of paper out of the printer. I sit back down and she settles herself at the coffee table and I continue watching my show when I hear her chatting away to herself saying things like, “and there goes anudder eye… and one, two arms… and there are da eyebrows….”

At this, I peek at her paper and lose the ability to breath. She’s two! What the fuck??? The drawing is one thing but then I see that she has scribbled a very raw version of her name at the bottom of this. I have NEVER taught her how to write her name and so this is a ridiculous surprise. I rummage around in all the other papers that are on the table and see that Matt has drawn a picture of himself and his siblings and written everyone’s names underneath them and this is obviously where she has gotten it from.

But… seriously… WTF??? Am I weird to think that this is freakishly abnormal behavior for a two year old??

Think I should submit this fine piece of artwork to this guy for review?


Can You Say….. July 19, 2007

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What the fuck????:

When you don’t sleep your body starts to ache quite a bit and you may feel compelled to ask a child to walk on your back.

This can lead to some unexplainable happenings.