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Today’s the day!!! September 22, 2007

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The time has come!

It’s been so extremely slow here in Bloggerland that I worry that everyone will forget about the very first show on Bloviation Nation happening this very morning on Blog Talk Radio.

There is a slight chance that I may end up sitting there drunk at 9 in the morning and talking to no one at all… but that’s just the kind of shit I’m into! Hopefully, Miss Turn will show up and share with us some of her dirty little secrets and I hope that we can get some people to call in and join in the fun.

Tune in at 9 AM west si-iiiide time which would be noon for all of you east coast fuckers, if anything to prevent me from feeling stupid!!!

We’re hoping for a ridiculously good time with lots of lewd behavior and inappropriate fun! Access the site by clicking on the badge below and then mark it to your favorites and tell everyone you know to tune in! I’m hoping to be rather sauced for this maiden shindig so hopefully, I won’t be passed out drunk leaving poor Turn to go it alone 🙂

I shall entice all you men into tuning in by promising that there will be a lengthy discussion about Turnbaby’s boobs. And if you’re realll nasty… maybe we’ll talk feet.

Hope to see you there!

If you’d like to call into the show then dial 1(347) 215-8189 or you can chat it up with us on yahoo messenger under kyramuchmore.

If you are a real douche with poor taste in radio shows unable to hang out with us live, then you can listen in later on the archives!

Hope to see you all there!