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and the winners are…. February 15, 2008

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I am pleased to announce the winners of the Thought Bubble Caption Contest here at the108. There were a ton of great submissions and it was a very difficult thing for the three judges, Myself, Dean-o and Dave-the-Shrink. Some were unanimous, some were not and then there was one person who is winning a special honorary award just because I was thoroughly cracked up over the entire fucking comment left.

What I’ll do here is post the photos and then underneath them I’ll list all the thoughts left and who thought I thunk em’. Then, below the lists under each picture highlighted and all kinds of bold, will be the winner for that photo.

Without further adieu….

Photo One:

“Hmm… what do I want to do today?” – Bittersweet Confusion

“I wonder what it would take to attract Bill Clinton?” –Hyperion#1

“I wonder why more trees don’t talk?” –Hyperion#2

“Hmm…I WILL get Dean to fuck me in the ass–even if it means I have to drug him to do it!” – Metal Mom

“What can I put in my pussy?” -IRV

(Channeling Lorena Bobbitt) “Oh yes, I will definitely feel better in the morning.” –NEO the ONE

“What’s that noise in the basement? I hope that Jehovah’s Witness didn’t get loose.” –Mr. Fabulous

“Moon… Moon… Moonlighting? Moonstruck?” –Miss Britt

and the winner for photo #1 is….

“If anybody notices that I just farted, I’ll yell “He who smelt it dealt it” and run away.” –Avitable

***Avitable wins because it was far too believable to both Dean and my shrink, Dave that this was probably what I was thinking. Accuracy counts…LOL.

Photo Two:

“109 has the biggest Thingee I ever seen!!” –Bittersweet Confusion

“Maybe if I opened my mouth wide like this…” —Hyperion#1

“The donkey looks like he’s enjoying it!” –Hyperion#2


“It seems to be going in alright.” -IRV

“My ass hurts. Did I leave a Lego in there?” –Mr. Fabulous

“Well, fuck me sideways and call me Shirley.” –Avitable

“Animal House AGAIN?!? What the HELL?!” –Miss Britt

And the winner for photo#2 is….

“Thy weedy motley-minded wagtail hath a fat-kidneyed idiot, and I do believe, induced by current circumstances, that thou art a villain, you phallus.” –NEO the ONE

**Hyperion almost had this one, too. I simply could not ignore the word phallus…LOL.

Photo Three:

“I’m in LOVE!!!” –Bittersweet Confusion

“Owww!!!! Bill Clinton gave me lockjaw!” —Hyperion#1

“I guess I AM really going to pay a lot for this muffler!” –Hyperion#2

“OOOH! You’re GAY! No wonder!” –Metal Mom

“Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found thee” -IRV

“Oh! What would your wife say?” –NEO the ONE

“Oh, I love Avitable. He’s sooo dreamy!” –Avitable

“In my butt?? What?? I never!” –Miss Britt

And winner number three is….

“Oh my God, another one of the kids fell into that woodchipper!” –Mr. Fabulous

**One word, Fabby: Another. Had you not written another kid it may not have been as funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, this sexy lady is getting a special shoutout but she didn’t win because all of her comments combined are the reason I fell over laughing and she would have won….. everything. However, I need to mention it because I found this hilarious…LOL:

Miss Carol Anne is too fuckin’ funny….

1. “What is this shit.”
2. “What is this shit?”
3. “What is this shit!!”

I shall be needing the mailing addresses of Neo, Avitable and Mr. Fabulous which can be emailed privately to me at Expect some pretty fun-tastic prizes coming your way next week!

And I don’t like to send people away without winning something and so here’s a little treat for everyone who participated:

All of you crazy bitches and whores will be getting a free graphic of your choosing from none other than the very posh Project15 Graphics. This could be a new blog header or any sort of crazy image or graphic you’d like to have custom made to your liking. Head on over and check out the goods and then you can go right on ahead and email me any request you may have since Project15 is owned and operated by…. me. Think it’s a sucky consolation prize? Please! I am one talented Mo-Fo!

Once everyone has received their prizes I shall either disclose what they recieved or you can check out their blogs and see if they reveal it there. It’ll be some good shit!

Until next time…..



10 Responses to “and the winners are….”

  1. Brian in Mpls Says:

    that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long

  2. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    Wow, I was not expecting to win!

    Do you have my address or do you need it? I don’t actually need any prizes. Your love is enough.

  3. Avitable Says:

    I will email you my address. I’m also okay with not getting any prize, but I’m not going to look a gift Kyra in the butt.

  4. NEO the ONE Says:

    Yay I win! And since they don’t want their prizes…I will take them all if that is the sacrifice I have to make.
    Info emailed.

  5. Anndi Says:

    Well fuck me, I missed out on the fun.

  6. the108 Says:

    BRIAN: Well then clearly you have missed my butt-boobies post below…LOL.

    MR. FABULOUS:I need our address so that I can mail mself there in a box ๐Ÿ™‚

    AVITABLE: Please. ou don’t wanna pass this shit up!

    NEO: Your sacrifice is extremely sexy. XOXO

    ANNDI: Where were you, darling??/

  7. Cooper Says:

    Tripped in here via Anndi and Mr. Fab..what a creative bunch…love the responses…mr. fab and the damn woodchipper..can he bring it around to my neighborhood??? I have some choice candidates…

  8. Blufeenix Says:

    Pass the wood chipper this way when ya’ll are done, I have about 5, 6, 10, 50 people to trip in there…. oops watch that step.

  9. IRV Says:

    I demand a recount!

  10. Bond Says:

    damn I missed this one…damn damn damn damn damn

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