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What was I thinking??? February 12, 2008

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We are going to play a game here at the108 and it is a game for everyone to participate in who chooses to do so. There will be three winners…

and there are prizes.

There are a lot of caption contests in Bloggerland but I’m going to do a different spin on it. I shall post three photos below complete with thought bubbles and the game is to fill in my thought for each face.

Are we ready? Let’s do this shit!

Photo One:

Photo Two:

Photo Three:

This contest will be judged by Dean-o, myself and my shrink, Dave because these are the best equipped to know exactly what the hell I am thinking.

Leave your answers in the comments and see if you can get others to come and play! I’ll announce the winners on Friday so all submissions must be in before that.

Have fun!


21 Responses to “What was I thinking???”

  1. MARFSBABY Says:

    Gah! Such pressure! And I’m so bad at this kind of stuff and I don’t deal with pressure very well… but I’ll try. I’ll even pimp out your cool contest over at my house. Maybe some of my fans are more creative and less pressure angsty than I am.

  2. the108 Says:

    JASMINE: Ah, no pressure! Fun!

    I suppose I should clarify that contestants do not have to do all three 🙂

  3. Miss Britt Says:

    Photo One:

    Moon… Moon… Moonlighting? Moonstruck?

    Photo Two:

    Animal House AGAIN?!? What the HELL?!

    Photo Three:

    In my butt?? What?? I never!

  4. Avitable Says:

    1. If anybody notices that I just farted, I’ll yell “He who smelt it dealt it” and run away.

    2. Well, fuck me sideways and call me Shirley.

    3. Oh, I love Avitable. He’s sooo dreamy!

  5. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    1. “What’s that noise in the basement? I hope that Jehovah’s Witness didn’t get loose.”

    2. “My ass hurts. Did I leave a Lego in there?”

    3. “Oh my God, another one of the kids fell into that woodchipper!”

  6. NEO the ONE Says:

    One: Channeling Lorena BobbittOh yes, I will definitely feel better in the morning.

    Two: Thy weedy motley-minded wagtail hath a fat-kidneyed idiot, and I do believe, induced by current circumstances, that thou art a villain, you phallus.

    Three: Oh! What would your wife say?

  7. the108 Says:

    Very nice so far! LOL!

  8. IRV Says:

    1) What can I put in my pussy?

    2) It seems to be going in alright.

    3) “Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found thee”

  9. metalmom Says:

    1. Hmm…I WILL get Dean to fuck me in the ass–even if it means I have to drug him to do it!


    3. OOOH! You’re GAY! No wonder!

  10. jodi Says:

    photo 1: do you think they can tell i’m not wearing any pants?

    photo 2: what?!?! george michael is gay?!?!

    photo 3: i just sent that email to the WHOLE office? (gulp)

  11. amanda Says:

    My vote is for irv. He/she has a theme. Bonus points.

    Lova ya!

  12. The109 Says:

    IRV: You had better watch it there with the obsession over my wifes vagina!

    Metalmom: Pish-ah?! I am definitely not gay girlfriend! As if!

    MR.Fab: Dinner at 8? Your the catcher this time bitch.

  13. Carol Anne Says:

    1. What is this shit.
    2. What is this shit?
    3. What is this shit!!

  14. IRV Says:

    LOL! Thanks Amanda, that’s what I was going for. And Dean, no need to worry dude, I’m a gay man!

  15. the108 Says:

    IRV, you have just made my day. I have a desire to surround myself with gay men and yet I have no gay readers! WTF is THAT???


    Wait… you’re not lying are you? You’d better be gay for real, mister!

    p.s please commence discussing my vagina. You have the green light.

  16. IRV Says:

    No need to worry Kyra-I’m totally gay, as gay as they get! I love you too sweetie darling. ps-I could teach you a few things to do to Dean’s balls!!!

  17. the108 Says:

    IRV: This is a great day for me. I am so fucking excited. Now, I have someone who will totally understand why I think JP Calderon is so hot.

    Do you gargle???

  18. IRV Says:

    Kyra—-OMG! He is sooo fucking hot. I get a woody everytime I see him. And no, I’ve never gargled. Do you snowball?

  19. the108 Says:

    IRV: Hmmm…. I’m not sure if I’ve snowballed. Describe it and I’ll tell you!

  20. Hyperion Says:

    Photo One – “I wonder why more trees don’t talk?”

    Photo Two – “The donkey looks like he’s enjoying it!”

    Photo Three – “I guess I AM really going to pay a lot for this muffler!”

  21. Bittersweet Confusion Says:

    Picture 1: Hmm… what do I want to do today?

    Picture 2: 109 has the biggest Thingee I ever seen!!

    Picture 3: I’m in LOVE!!!

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