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stuff and stuff February 8, 2008

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I don’t care who you’re supporting in this Presidential Election… this video is absolute magic. Please take a moment to watch it. Rarely do I post anything on my blog that’s not something stupid and silly that I created myself. This one is different. I think it is beautiful and poetic and powerful.

I’m a caller for Barack Obama’s Campaign and today I called a five year old. It was hysterically funny when I asked to speak to Peter and his mother seemed sort of confused and asked me why I wanted to talk to her five year old. We enjoyed a good laugh when I asked her to pass him the message to vote for Barack in this Saturday’s caucuses.

I have heard some very interesting answering machine messages today during my campaigning, most notably, a guy who’s message was:

“Hello, thank you for calling Troy. I can’t come to the phone right now because my cat has eaten six alka seltzers and is now foaming out of his asshole. Gotta go!”

I was insanely jealous that MY answering machine message isn’t that one.

At any rate, tomorrow Barack will be here speaking at the Key Arena in Seattle and it’s gonna be off the hiz-ook! The plan is for Dean to play sick at work and for all of us to go. Then, on Saturday, we have the Washington Caucuses and we’ll be heading down there to vote, show support and volunteer some more.

This all reminds me of the John Kerry campaign when we drove to New Mexico to attend one of his rallies only this one is better because it’s a better guy, a better speaker and also because it’s not 110 degrees outisde and… outside. Oh, and also, I’m not pregnant, which I was with Olivia at the John Kerry rally.

Anyway… that’s just me. My life outside of blogging is going to be a political wirlwind of volunteering and campaigning. But since we’re on the subject of politics, I want to share something hilarious with you that transpired between my eldest child and another kid at his school today:

Isaac says to Matthew, “I want my dad to stay in Iraq for a very long time.

Matthew: “Uh… why in the world would you want that??”

Isaac: “Because the money is great so long as he’s over there.”

Matthew: “So, you’re willing to trade your dad’s life for money?”

Isaac: “Yep.”

Matthew: “Are you a Republican?”

HA! My kid is awesome.


11 Responses to “stuff and stuff”

  1. Starrlight Says:

    I so want to drink the Kool Aid where Obama is concerned be has to stop waffling in debates and start getting specific.

    Now the questions:

    1. For my dad I would buy a classic James Bond Astin Martin. Cause he’s classy and timeless. Or at least ageless. It’s sickening. Also he’s a Brit.

    2. GAH! Jebus. Fine. HGTV, Bravo and Showtime. MUST. HAVE. DEXTER.

    3. Stud Muffin

  2. Turnbaby Says:

    Your kid IS awesome!!

    I can’t drink the Obama KoolAid—he needs to show me something real.

  3. Sparky Duck Says:

    You know I think the video is magical

  4. Matt-Man Says:

    Enjoy the Political Whirlwind, and just to let you know…We received a most interesting package in the mail today. ; )

    I will have to post all about it on Monday. Cheers!!

  5. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Your kid rocks!!!

  6. the108 Says:

    STARR: Waffling…. sounds sexual šŸ™‚

    TURN: I got something real for ya (*)(*)

    SPARKY: That’s because you are an intelligent individual šŸ™‚

    MATT-MAN: Yay! I sent Dean to send it and was praying he wrote the address correctly…LOL.

    BRIAN: He certainly does!

  7. Rocketstar Says:

    That was well done. I was impressed on how well he did last Tuesday.

  8. Anndi Says:

    I’m Canadian, so no Kool-Aid for me…

    You have the coolest kid!

  9. The109 Says:

    Hmmm… I am frankly disheartened by everyones jaded attitude about Mr. Obama. I don’t think that believing what Senator Obama has to say is at all “drinking the kool-aid”, in fact that phrase typically implys that Barack Obama is not being honest or genuine. On the contrary, I think that he is being honest and genuine and frankly I have not seen him “waffle” hardly at all, especially when compared to Hiliary’s constant triangulation of the issues so as to not turn off her powerful and wealthy contributors (can you say Rupert Murdock?) or the rebulican’s complete disconnection from reality. Mr. Obama represents the possibility for actual change, when most of the time our elected officals accomplish little of what they promise in thier campaigns. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction to his optimistic message, perhaps we owe him enough to give him the benefit of the doubt, if he can lead us with the passion that he puts into his speeches then we have the opportunity to elect a leader that we have only seen on rare occations in our history, a leader the caliber of a JFK or MLK. His competition does not even offer the POSSIBLITY of such leadership. Is it possible that he may not accomplish his lofty goals, of course it is. But if he can, then wouldn’t we be losing a historical opportunity to simply write him off? More importantly, can our country in it’s extremely fragile condition it is currently in, afford NOT to take a chance for such a transformational leader? Please ask yourself these questions before you make up your mind about Barack Obama and what he might mean for us as a nation. I for one would like to be a PROUD American again.

  10. Bittersweet Confusion Says:

    Your kid is awesome!! I hope I have 10 just like him! =) Ok maybe 2

  11. Bittersweet Confusion Says:

    Oh and to answer your comment questions…

    1) One that runs
    2) Food Network, 11, Spike
    3) Snuggle Buns

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