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WHAT THE HUCKABEE??? February 6, 2008

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That is all.
Good day to you.

6 Responses to “WHAT THE HUCKABEE???”

  1. Matt-Man Says:

    The Huckster is on a mission from God. Cheers!!

  2. the108 Says:

    MATT-MAN: Somethin’!!!

  3. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    I am on a mission from God as well.

    Different mission.

  4. jolie-jordan Says:


  5. Hyperion Says:

    That is a great swear word! I’m going to use it. (“What the Huckabee is going on here?”)

    Weaking of spich, I see that you have three questions to answer, and I am honor-bound to do so:

    1. If the car is free, I would get him a Cadillac Sedan, since I know he would like that. If I am paying for it….same thing, in Matchbox.

    2. ESPN2, the Food Netword, Cartoon Network.



  6. the108 Says:

    MR. FAB: You’re on a mission to get in my pants.

    JOLIE: Seriously?

    HYPERION: I like you…LOL. Let’s Huck.

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