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FreeWrite with MetalMom February 3, 2008

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The amazingly sexy, funny, smart and delicious MetalMom has been doing this thing on her blog called FreeWrite where you literally just type whatever you are thinking for five straight minutes. I believe this is something she is doing weekly and I figured I’d hop on board and start doing it every Sunday or so. I’m fascinated when I read hers because it’s pretty wild to see how people’s minds go ape shit when you don’t try to control your thoughts.

So… here goes. Five whole minutes of whatever.

Okay so this is freewrite and now I get to write freely and there is no rules I have to follow. I guess I’m enjoying being locked in my room but there is a lot to do when Dean gets home whenever the fuck that will be. He’s being sort of weird today and I’m worrying once again about what the hell he is thinking. I keep getting distracted in my worrying though because that damned movie that thing you do is on and the song is stuck in my head. Man, this south beach diet breakfast wrap is disgusting. Why am I eating this thing? It’s got to be the grossest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth other than the nasty absinthe. Oh, the absinthe. This reminds me of germany and how much I hated germany but now I am sort of wishing I could go back there and drink the absinthe all the time even though I seem to black out and do strange things when I drink the stuff. Like peeing in the litterbox. I am so confused. I don’t even know what to think or do or say sometimes. I wonder if I’m getting better or if I’m getting worse. I also wonder if Matthew really drank his own urine this morning when I dared him to. He claims he did and said it tasted like lemons and salt. When I became horrified, he renegned and said he didn’t actually drink his pee and I certainly hope this is true. Truth or dare is a weird game to play with your kids. Over my dead body am I ever picking dare. They’ll make you do some crazy shit if you go along with it. I have one minute left and there is a commercial on tv now for yaz. I want to make salsa for the game today but Dean ran away before I could ask him to pick up the stuff for it. I hope he is alright. He always seems so miserable but then again… I probably do, too.


Wow. That’s weird. The clacking away of the keys is pretty cool sounding. I can’t believe I successfully typed as fast as my mind goes.

I’m rather tired now.



3 Responses to “FreeWrite with MetalMom”

  1. metalmom Says:


    You played truth or dare with your kids????? Oh you brave soul!!! The only dare I ever took (with my kids) was when Son2 handed me a shot glass and said “Drink this!” I did and woke up drunk the next day!

  2. Travis Says:

    We used to do this excercise in creative writing class. It helped us learn to turn off our inner editor. I should start doing it again, because my inner editor has a burr in his saddle about my writing these days.

  3. TopChamp Says:

    this was good to read – you’re right that it is interesting.

    My brother drank his own pee once. Gross.

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