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Go suck yourself, rubberneck! January 31, 2008

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Cock sucker bastard fuck bullshit ass blister mother fucker son of a fuckin’ bitch you sack of goddamned fuck electricity piece of shit monkey’s ass wet fart fucker douche bag dick wart donkey fucker fat turd poop robber rectum licker turkey molester piece of fucking shit from a herpes infested hooker with piles on her asshole mother FUCKER!


Fuck you!

Today was Matthew’s test at school to see if he is gifted. Had he scored really high he would have gotten to go to a different school for gifted students.

Until some asshole slammed his car into a generator and knocked out all of the power in our area causing our alarms to not go off and Matt was late for the test by an hour. Now, he has to retake it over the summer and I am livid.

Why today??? Of alllll the days he can be late for school, why this one?

And boy was the kid psyched. He went to bed ridiculously early last night and insisted on eating only healthy shit and packed himself some brain food in his backpack. Then, this horse shit. I just wanna smack this retard who drove into the generator, I really do.

I bought an alarm clock that is electric but also battery operated and although it stays plugged into the wall, I keep batteries in it in case of this sort of ridiculous diarrhea. Well. I have just discovered that the only purpose the batteries serve is recording the time the clock stopped so that when the power goes back on, you don’t have to reset it.

What??? That’s the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. If it’s battery powered then power the fucker already! Do it all the way! I fucking hate you, clock!

In addition to Matt missing his big test, Dean was late for work and, of course, this is unacceptable and is a major catastrophe in the eyes of the military. You’d think he raped someone in the butt for as bad as they flip out over such shit. Really, they can all kiss a good man’s ass today. I am not in the mood.

Actually, I’m in a fine mood. I’m just upset for the boy. Other than that, all is good even though Dean has been acting like a spazz lately. I’m beginning to prepare for the onslaught of birthday’s we have coming up with Olivia in a few weeks, Owen soon after that and Matt two weeks after Owen’s. It is time to start piecing this junk together. I suppose that’s all well and good but I just don’t really want to have to think about anything today so maybe I won’t.

Instead, I shall paint Olivia’s face while she sleeps and scare the piss out of her when she wakes up.

That one’s always good for a laugh.


11 Responses to “Go suck yourself, rubberneck!”

  1. Bond Says:

    ah that so sucks….i am sure the guy did not do it on purpose though…

    and it is good he gets to have another shot at it this summer…


  2. This Mom Says:

    That really sucks the school won’t do anything to accomodate you. Seems so unfair to your son, and thats really who this all about anyways. Do they think he’d get some sort of advantage by starting the test an hour later? Who the hell gives a shit?

  3. Dixie Says:

    I always use my cellphone for a backup alarm clock.

    I’m sorry this shit happened… thankfully he’ll get another try in the summer.


  4. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    Ooh, paint my face next, paint my face!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I was going to write a raging comment until I read Mr. Fab’s comment. Damn, he makes me laugh every time.

  6. Anndi Says:

    I do the same thing as Dixie… mind you, when there’s a big thing I have to get up for, like a flight, I don’t really sleep well that night.

    I really don’t get why they can’t accomodate him considering the extenuating circumstances. They SUCK.

  7. Rocketstar Says:

    Hopefully you can reschedule.

  8. Starrlight Says:

    You know who was driving that car? Murphy, that’s who. Him and his damn law. Just last night I said to kidlets ex that she had a cough but I seemed to be on the mend. 1 hour…ONE FUCKING HOUR… later and it started. Today I feel like crap and I just had massive chills.

    Murphy sucks.

  9. Travis Says:

    That is some impressive swearing.

  10. Crema Says:

    What a fuckin cock suckin monkey turd who the fuck has to drive right into a generator , of all the things he coulda hit 😉

  11. Matt-Man Says:

    That sucks. I have a built in alarm clock. So I wake up whenever needed. It’s an odd, but handy attribute. Cheers!!

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