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the transformation December 27, 2007

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The child could not see. The child would not allow me to push his hair out of his eyes. The child needed a haircut. Normally, I do not like Owen’s hair short and neither does he. It has been long for the majority of his life and with his penatrating blue eyes and those amazing dimples, he just looks better with a modern “do”.

His hair grows fast as hell and this is why I felt okay with taking him in for a haircut and having the whole mop hacked off. Strangely…. I like it. It’ll take some getting used to and he looks younger and not like the Owen I know… but it looks okay, I think. Here is a before from this morning:

and here is an after from this afternoon:

Whatcha think???


17 Responses to “the transformation”

  1. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Makes him more “handsomer”

    He’s a cutie!

  2. TopChamp Says:

    I like it short. What does he prefer?

  3. babylamb Says:

    I love it!!!
    He actually looks younger.

  4. Travis Says:

    I prefer short…this is a good style for him.

    Now you just have to make sure you teach him the head tilt at a slightly forward angle with the batting eyelashes. I’ve found the tilt to the right works best and makes up for not being able to look up from underneath the long bangs.

    Trust me on this one. It’s never too early to get in the practice.

  5. EC Says:

    Wow, he looks like a whole other child! But it’s cute though!

  6. Marie Says:

    He does look younger, but he looks better too. Future ladykiller fo sho.

  7. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    The short hair makes him seem a little more serial killer-ish.

  8. ~pe~ Says:

    I am not really sure that I would agre with Mr Fabulous about the serial killerish thing but I have to say I like the hair! I liked it long too though

  9. MARFSBABY Says:

    He’s adorable either way. I love both looks.

  10. Matt-Man Says:

    Ahhhhh, much better. Cheers!!

  11. Thomas Says:

    Owen’s transformation reminds me of young Anakin’s one in Episode I. For most of the movie, he had longer hair, but at the very end (during the parade), he had a nice, short, Padawan-style haircut. Is nice!!

  12. the108 Says:

    LOIS: Oh, and he knows it, too 🙂

    TC: He likes it long but had declared he wanted his hair “spiky” so we agreed to try it out. He loves his new hair cut, though, which is a surprise because he was always apprehensive about cutting it.

    BABYLAMB: I know! It makes me feel weird.

    TRAV: It looks much better on him than I thought it would. You’ll have to stop by to give him a modeling lesson…LOL!

    ERIN: I know! It’s creepy! LOL.

    MARIE: He’s certainly aspiring to be a ladykiller…. sigh.

    MR. FABULOUS: This is a good point. He looks good as a serial killer, though, huh?

    PAIGE: Owen’s hot no matter the hairstyle 🙂

    JASMINE: Ain’t he a stud?

    MATT-MAN: It’s so hard to improve on perfection…

    TOMMY: Jesus… if I tell him that he’ll fall over. He is so obsessed with being a Jedi. Me, too, really.

  13. Anndi Says:

    I’m sure he’ll figure out the head tilt and batting eyelashes on his own… man he’s a gorgeous kid! Like momma!

    I’ll ask Chicklet when she gets back next week.. you could always use the opinion of a nine year old (sorry.. almost ten year old) *sigh*

  14. Rocketstar Says:

    Wow, what a difference. I think the short hair looks more hip.

  15. Turnbaby Says:

    I like it!! it looks really good on him and it’s got to be a lot easier to care for.

  16. Julie Says:

    Ooooh man is he handsome! I like it both ways…seriously! His lips are going to kill the ladies!

  17. IRV Says:

    Short all the way-it looks great!

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