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Stride November 13, 2007

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I don’t like the commercials for that Stride gum that’s out now. You know the ones: factory workers acting insane while business men and angry asians talk about how the gum is just too good and the flavor lasts so long that people never get to a second piece.

That had better be true or I’m going to be pissed.

I hate bullshit advertising. I particularly loathe those horrendous Nike commercials that are extremely over dramatic and depict a jogger running through the mist or some horseshit like that. I have this one commercial that I saw recently for some kind of cough medicine that I enjoy and it’s because it’s funny and honest. They basically say that their cough medicine tastes like dick but it works just the same. Kudos for them for not making the claim that the junk is something you will enjoy because let’s face it: all cough medicine tastes horrid.

For the time being I am only really aggravated by the Stride commercials and so I went out and bought a pack because I truly must do my own experiment and see just how long the flavor lasts. So, as of 9:30 this morning I shall begin chewing two pieces of Stride gum and I will keep chewing until it has no flavor.

Then, I shall display my findings here in my blog.

Good day to you.


9 Responses to “Stride”

  1. Brian in Mpls Says:

    No body gonna break my stride no body gonna slow me down whoa I got to keep on moving…

    Sorry I had too

    Cant wait to hear your findings

  2. Twyla Says:

    Was the cough medicine commercial for Buckley’s cough syrup? That stuff is horrible, but it really works. We’ve used it for years. They’re famous for those commercials. It actually tastes like swallowing a big spoonful of vicks vapor rub, mixed with tree sap. Mmmm. Good stuff. LOL
    I’m interesting to hearing about your findings too. I don’t believe any gum keeps it’s flavor longer than 10 minutes.

  3. Bond Says:

    sits down to wait for scientific findings to be posted

  4. TopChamp Says:

    well I obviously have never heard of this chewing gum…. but I will check back to find out if you are suffering any ill effects from a day of continual chewing jaw motion.

  5. Julie Says:

    Hmmm well THIS will be interesting!

  6. amanda Says:

    You must still be chewing it, then?

  7. Kevin Says:

    Wow. A cough syrup that tastes like dick. Why hasn’t that flavor caught on in other things? Dick flavored ice cream, dick flavored bubble gum.

    But if there’s ANY gum that would be perfect for dick flavoring, it’s gotta be that Freshen Up gum.

  8. Bond Says:

    you still chewing girlfriend?

  9. Travis Says:

    Either the flavor has lasted all day, or you got side tracked by something else.

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