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Things I think…. October 3, 2007

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Baby bunny slippers are adorable. Especially, when the person attached to the feet inside of them is such a sweetheart.

If you’re going to make nachos… do it right. Go big. REAL big. Go lasagna pan big. And, only use homemade salsa because things that are store bought are gross.

Little boys can be such a joy… provided they are getting along and not trying to kill each other. Which is rarely the situation.

Making funny faces is the fastest way to take a child in the throws of a major meltdown and make her smile.

Sometimes, you’re just too fucking tired to get up and get a pillow and blanket. This is one of those times when children become extremely useful.

When you take embarrassing pictures of your husband in ridiculous hats and swear to him that they won’t end up on the internet, sometimes… were lying.

Nothing can come between a cat and his baby….

That is all. Good day to you.


3 Responses to “Things I think….”

  1. Madame Butterfly Says:

    the kids are really cute but mostof all Dean O is very ,well how do you say it “PRETTY” my gawd that was funny….

  2. EC Says:

    I loved each and every one of those pictures – they were great!!

  3. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Damn you make good nachos

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