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STR8 Dope! September 24, 2007

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Well, I need some hair advice from all you ladies and gents who wanna sex me up. And, this will require a bit of honesty. Basically, I have the curliest hair on the fucking planet and I loathe it. It’s fug-tastic, alright. Now, normally, I try to conceal the total fugliness by pulling it back but I rather do enjoy wearing it down and since I’m a total girlie girl (shut up) I am trying to come up with a different way to wear it.

And by different… I mean NOT curly.

I am going to post a picture of my most disgusting picture with my gross ass head full of ratty icky icky poo-ness. Please disregard the sheer and utter ugliness you will see here:

Wow. That’s really something. Here’s another example of the straight up fug:

I look mexican, don’t I? And I’m not trying to say that I think mexicans are ugly. I just think that I look like one of the uglier mexicans, that’s all. And there are PLENTY to compare to!

Now, today I finally tamed the beast and just bit the big one and straightened it. Be warned… I am not wearing makeup in this picture, something that drives me crazy. I admit it. I wear makeup. Loads of it. Dean hates makeup and wants me to remain “hippie chic” but I just have far too much fun putting the shit on. In this picture, I look like some shit, but the important thing is for you to assess the hair:

And because I showed you my ugly face, I shall now display one post-makeup to make myself feel better although I am making kissy kissy faces and you can’t even see my fucking hair anyways. But so what.

Now, here is a shot with no makeup that I shall post as proof of my extreme cheerfulness. Looka… I’m sorta happy (ish). An hour prior to this, I was bawling my eyes out as my ulcer, Wendall, started acting up and, as a result, I look a little tanked. Or, maybe I WAS tanked. I don’t remember. But I do know that this was taken sometime this morning.

And this one just because Olivia is so fuckin’ adorable. We look NOTHING alike, huh?

This one is just a bit more evidence, should you need it, of our cuteness. * Note: this time, I included myself in that because I doubt she would look so adorable if my face were not also in the picture. I’m just sayin’. You know… keepin’ it real.

Okay. If I don’t stop now then my dirty pics will end up on here and we do not want that to happen. So, tell me whatcha think… curly or straight?

And please disregard the photos of me without makeup on. I contemplated photoshopping my face out of them but that would have taken forever. Just know that should we end up sleeping together, I shall take the time to pretty myself up for you. (AHEM… Soupster….)

That is all. Good day to you.


22 Responses to “STR8 Dope!”

  1. Bond Says:

    Looks good straight, but the second picture is totally HOT

    Just me….

  2. Travis Says:

    This is going to be no help whatsoever, because I am a guy and I have learned valuable lessons in my life.

    I like the curly. I like the straight. You’re hot both ways.

  3. Carol Anne Says:

    Your hair would be really cute straight and at shoulder length. But is straightening it worth the PITA it would be?

    I am so glad my hair is going gray — it finally has some body and pizazz.

    Save up a bunch of $$$$ and blow it on a good, experienced stylist. Or come to MN, and I’ll take you to mine. She’s a miracle worker — and not all that expensive, either.

    Sorry no comments for so long. Life has been a bastard lately…

  4. ian Says:

    Straight. Straight. Straight.


  5. Starrlight Says:

    My Mama has your hair. Seriously she looks like an Oakland Sistah..totally has Diana Ross hair. UNTIL….

    She spends 500 bucks and 6 plus hour and a whole lotta pain to do that Japanese thermal straightening process. It works. Sell a kidney spendy, but it works.

    That said….DO NOT CUT IT. I like long hair. I am biased.

  6. Turnbaby Says:

    I also think you look good with it either way. What it comes down to is how do YOU feel?

    The more confident you feel in your self–your sexiness–the more sexy you will be.
    you are pretty sexy chica!

  7. The109 Says:

    Well, I see you have a full dance card by all the damn dudes on here that openly hit on you, everyone here must think I’m a total pushover, lol. Just remember that we share 4 children together before you go running into the arms of some blogger man-whore.

    My instinct it to play it safe like Travis becuase should I say straight I will get you apologizing unnessesarily when you don’t have it straight and assume you think I don’t like you at all with it curly and should I go the other way you will be upset you put all that effort into your hair for nothing. However, while my husband instincts say to go with the ,”I love you however I can get you.” line, which is true, I am leaning towards straight hair.
    I love you either way though, and I live here so I’m at least more convienient than your blogger boyfriends, LOL.

  8. Julie Says:

    Well my dear….you crack me up! And I don’t care if I’m ending a sentence with a freakin’ preposition!

    I think the straight hair is sexy and elegant but the curly is fun and funky.

    So since you want to pop around different attitudes for different reasons get yourself real good at straightening it so you don’t have to take too long at it.

    You’re a trip my dear!

  9. the108 Says:

    BONDAGE: You right clicked and saved, didn’t you, darling. Don’t be ashamed… everyone does it.

    TRAV: Nicely avoided!

    CAROL ANNE: Welcome back!!! I’ve been worried about you. Hope life is a little bit less of a bastard to you. Anything I can do?

    SOUPSTER: Okay, okay, okay!

    STARR: Now, you said painful… but was it worth it??

    TURN: Jesus, woman. Just cut the bullshit and ask me out already!

    DEAN-O: Damn it. You know me so well. I am actually really glad that you didn’t cop out on this one and that you gave an opinion. To show my gratitude, I’m going to sleep with only three of the men who hae commented on this post and only four of the women.

    Five women if you count myself but you are more than welcome to watch on that one so long as you pull my hair and call me a bitch.

    JULIE: See above comment for Dean-o.

  10. Madame Butterfly Says:

    Ok I will respond to this..I am about to be 30.I so went and had my hair cut off,,bleached blonde and some crazy ass shit.
    For real.
    I like you hair longer now.I have seen it short.The good thing is KYRA my love you know how to do your hair so I guess that would have to be up to you on what you want to take care.Yes you are hot.
    anyways my intake on it lmao.

  11. the108 Says:

    SHANNON: I’m also considering getting me some new tits.

  12. TopChamp Says:

    I like your hair curly better… but then I usually like hair better curly.

    Then again – straight is good too.

    I go straight when I have something I want to look more ‘professional’ for(?). Mine’s not as curly as yours though(which looks fab by the way) so sometimes I also have to straighten it coz the curl is looking crap.

  13. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    Yes, yes, this is all well and good, but the question is, at some point do we get to have sex with you?

  14. Rocketstar Says:

    bring on the dirty pics!

  15. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Beautiful:) You got several options and they all look great:)

  16. babylamb Says:

    I too have curly curly hair. I usually wear it curly but I love my hair being straight. My husband hates it. The only thing is I don’t have 45 mins to do my hair everyday.
    It’s a process. Blow dry it, add my anti friz cream and than flat iron it..
    How long did it take you to straighten your hair.
    I think the straight hair is cute. Have it below shoulder length and layered.

  17. Sparky Duck Says:

    Hell, I like short, so I am a loss as it is.

  18. Matt-Man Says:


  19. EC Says:

    I vote straight! I have curly hair as well – not as curly as yours, lol – but I straighten mine everyday and it really doesn’t take too long. Only about 10 minutes – no longer than it takes to put the makeup on 😉

    By the way I think you look great without makeup!!

  20. the108 Says:

    TC: Your scottish accent turns me on.

    MR. FAB: Why not? I’m having sex with me right now!

    ROCKET: I knew it! You bad boy!

    BRIAN: You had me at “Bend over… this might hurt a little”.

    BABYLAMB: It sure is a process, huh? My hair is not only cury but it is also thick as fuck. Taming this monster is a workout.

    SPARKY: Yeah. I promised Dean I’d grow it to my ass and then go to the store wearing nothing but. Sorry babe.

    MATT-MAN: Okay!

    ERIN: Ew! I do not! Although I have been thinking about doing a web cam show where I attempt to apply my makeup on just the camview. It seems as though it would be hard to do.

  21. Dixiechick Says:

    I like your hair both ways… doesn’t matter to me.. I’d do ya either way.. *giggles*

  22. Susie PSU Says:

    Curly. It has spunk, which you are FULL of!! I agree, just spend a butt-load on a good stylist. I bet you’ll LOVE it. (Like you have a spare butt-load sitting around…)

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