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Kyraland September 15, 2007

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It’s that time of year again, folks…. the time of year that brings out the deepest of my obsessive/compulsive traits.

Halloween is almost here.

We know Kyra loves some Halloween and this is really for one reason only: I get to make costumes! Hwa-zack!! This year, I have the greatest children on the planet because each of them has chosen to be something totally do-able. Instead of the laundry list of impossible costume ideas that I usually get to fight with them about, 2007 brings to me four incredibly wonderful children who have given me a remarkably easy task. In fact, when I sat them down and asked them what they want to be and they told me, I just stared at them.

“Is that it?” I asked.

“Yep,” they said.

“Um… okay. I can do this.”

Matthew is going to be Naruto, some japanese character sort of like Yu-Gi-Oh only not as difficult to pull off. It pretty much involved an orange jogging suit and a headband:

It’ll be a snap and…. I get to bleach his hair again! Woo hoo!!!

Owen has asked if he can be this guy:

Yep. Luke Skywalker. Nice pick, Owen. I can pull Luke Skywalker out of my ass in about an hour.

To match Master Luke, Olivia will be going as:

Well, everyone refers to Owen and Olivia as twins anyhow….

Because Leia’s outfit is sort of ugly and there is no way in hell that I’ll be letting her go in the gold bikini, I will be making a more modern take on Princess Leia’s attire. Instead of the big, ugly frock and gaudy belt, I shall be making her dressed in white pants, white turtleneck and I am making her a white, suede Jedi cloak. And I can’t wait to start on her hair pieces. Those will be staying traditional.

And Miss Emi has to join in the Star Wars fun and what is more suitable for an infant than this cutie:

That’s right, goddamn it. Emi is going to be an Ewok.

Dean and I are tossing around the idea of dressing up this year and so far we have considered going as storm troopers or sand people. Storm troopers would take a hell of a lot of styrofoam pieces and this could be fun but I’m not sure I have the time.

I haven’t shaved in a while… maybe I could go as Chewbacca and Dean could go as Han Solo.

And so today marks the first day of the Halloween preparations. I took my fat ass to Jo Ann Fabrics and spent an hour picking out the perfect fabrics for the Luke and Leia costumes which I’ll do this weekend and Naruto and the Ewok will get done next weekend, hopefully.

I swear to god, I could live in this store.

For Owen, I bought two different types of muslin, one a very pale, grainy color for Luke’s wrap around shirt and the other a slightly darker shade for his pants. Then, I bought some chocolate colored suede to make him a hooded Jedi cloak and the boots. I went with suede because it just hangs so damned nicely and the textures together are gonna kick some ass.

Miss Olivia was bought white suede for her ensemble and once the two costumes are completely sewn, I’ll be on the hunt for pistol belts and a blaster since Leia doesn’t carry a light saber. Something tells me that Olivia is going to insist on one anyhow.

Naruto will be the hardest costume and so I’m saving that one for last so that I’ll have the most time to work on it without anything else getting in the way. But the one I’m really excited to make is Emi’s Ewok. Making her a furry, little creature is going to be fun.

I am off to start taking some measurements 🙂


8 Responses to “Kyraland”

  1. Sparky Duck Says:

    hell you and the wife could both set up shop in that damn store

  2. Rocketstar Says:

    I love Halloween, a Pagan holiday. I love it.

  3. EC Says:

    great ideas! I can’t wait to see pictures!

  4. Julie Says:

    WOW! You are the da MOM! Go git ’em tiger! Must share the pictures dear!

    Is it always foggy there?

  5. Travis Says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. Anthony Says:

    I thought he had been going hand solo for some time now.

  7. TopChamp Says:

    this does sound fun. I spent far longer than my boyfriend hoped I would (as he was accompanying me) in a fabric/craft shopping frenzy last weekend in preparation for the new Brownie term. I LOVE all this stuff.

    We got sticky stars (in several colours), multicoloured card, fabric, sequins, buttons, glitter…

    I’m impressed though – not sure I could do whole costumes.

  8. the108 Says:

    SPARKY: Send her on over!! You guys are pretty close to me, aren’t you? Or is it Travis that’s local? Hell, I don’t know, but everyone loves the craft store!! Tell your woman I’m in!

    ROCKET: Wanna come trick or treating with us, you Pagan holiday loving mo’fo?

    ERIN: And you know you’ll get pictures…lol. I miss you! Where you be these days, darlin’???

    JULES: It wasn’t even foggy…lol. I just took a really shitty picture through the windshield of my car while we were moving. Although in the fall, Washington state is rather misty…

    TRAV: Doesn’t it, though?

    ANTHONY: This is just the type of comment that I appreciate 🙂

    TOPCHAMP: Dean is the same way. I could stay in those stores for HOURS and he’s not even wanting to enter them. I must say, though, that this time he stuck it out and even helped pick out fabrics! Go Dean!

    And I think you could do whole pieces… start with something simple and then work your way up. Skirts and halter tops are a great way to start out as they are simple and pretty easy. Also, buy patterns! Those things put it all together for you!

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