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Doodle August 19, 2007

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When I’m bored, I doodle.

Oh, yeah. And my scanner is shit.


3 Responses to “Doodle”

  1. Travis Says:

    Your doodles are really good.

  2. Julie Says:

    Yeah…what Travis said. Ummm what ARE doodles?

    Just kidding! Great artwork, Kyra!

  3. the108 Says:

    HA HA… To qualify as a doodle the picture must meet a few different criteria:

    1. It has to be doodled from memory. Not like setting something up or positioning something to draw it.

    2. It has do be done on whatever random thing you have handy and with whatever random thing you have to doodle with. In this case, a sheet of computer paper and a pencil.

    3. It has to be doddled while doing other things. I doodled this one while watching High School Musical with my kids.

    Art is when you sit down and put some effort into it. A doodle is just when you’re sort of bored and so you “doodle” half assedly as you do other things. Emi was sleeping at the start of said doodle and so I started doddling her at random. Then, she woke up and I had to finish my doodle later.

    That is a lot of use of the word doodle.

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