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Saturday Game Night– #2 August 18, 2007

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As last week’s winner,Miss Starrlight got to choose this week’s Pictionary theme and she has decided to go with:

80’s Teen Movies

Have a look at the drawing below (hold cursor over image to enlarge) and see if you can figure out the title of a popular 80’s teen movie based on what I’ve drawn.

Leave your guesses in the comments and try not to cheat! First person to guess the title correctly gets the original drawing… something I’m sure you are all just DYING to have…lol.

Good luck!!!!


6 Responses to “Saturday Game Night– #2”

  1. ~paige~ Says:

    weird science

  2. Travis Says:

    Weird Science would have been my guess too.

    Great drawing!

  3. the108 Says:

    Paige, you know I might be famous somedasy for my doodles. Would you like me to autograph it for you?

    Also… you get to pick next weeks theme!

    Trav… you’re delicious.

  4. ~paige~ Says:

    next weeks theme should be “one hit wonders” songs

  5. the108 Says:

    Paige…. excellent choice! Shall we do the one hit itself or the artist?

  6. Starrlight Says:

    Excellent choice!

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