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Ne pas détester le joueur, détestent le jeu. August 18, 2007

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Here is me totally exhausted from spending every waking minute with Emi in the NICU:

Here’s me looking exhausted trying to catch two winks smack in the middle of the day:

This is me looking exhausted while trying to maintain silliness for the sake of the kids:

Here’s me so exhausted that I look tanked:

In this one, I’m so exhausted that I’m considering just taking a nap right there on the balcony:

Here I am exhausted and on the telephone:

This is me and my giant ass coffee lagging behind on the stairs due to exhaustion. (This was a couple of days after Emi was born and I was dragging my fat ass back to the NICU):

And here I am so exhausted that the giggles have set in:

Guys….. I’m exhausted. I haven’t been doing too well making my rounds to read every one’s posts and I’m now rather far behind. I’m getting up at five in the morning, chasing kids around and cleaning things until midnight and then crawling into bed only to be woken up by a tiny, wonderful Princess by two in the morning at which point she keeps me up until about four. And then, an hour of blissful sleep before I’m up again.

I’m dragging some serious ass.

But good news!!! This weekend is the last shitty one for a while as Dean’s forty five straight days of 16 hour workdays comes to end on Monday and then I shall have more energy time to get caught up on my reading and blogging routine.

Granted, Monday I’ll be back in the hospital for another surgery and probably not really reading much until later in the week… but soon I shall be back on schedule.

I will not remember posting this in the morning.

Ten points to whoever tells me what the title of my post is when translated to English.

G’Night and Good Morning!


5 Responses to “Ne pas détester le joueur, détestent le jeu.”

  1. Twyla Says:

    I don’t know how you do it. I remember how exhausted I was, and I only had 2. Running back and forth to the NICU must have made it 10 times worse. I think you are doing an awesome job.
    Btw…I think the title means, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  2. Bond Says:

    runs back from babelfish

    “don’t hate the player, hate the game’

    HE SHOOTS…HE SCORES! I reread the rules, you never said we could not use a translator… I win I win…give me my 10 points! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Hey…please let us know how it goes on Monday, we will all be waiting for your return…


  3. babylamb Says:

    I don’t know how you can do but hang in there. In a couple more months Emi will be sleeping thru the night…

  4. Rocketstar Says:

    N’equite pas, on sais que tu es tres occupe mon amie.

  5. EC Says:

    I think you look great – not exhausted! But boy do you have a busy life!!

    good luck with your surgery – let us know how it goes!! (((HUGS)))

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