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Friday Rounds-Autopsy Edition August 17, 2007

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Good morning, my succulent little interns! Today, I shall be your Chief Medical Examiner and we have an autopsy to perform. I shall equip you with all the notes pertaining to the deceased and you shall try to come up with the cause of death:

A 25 year old female comes into the Accident and Emergency Department complaining of severe abdominal pain and of feeling faint. She is clutching her lower abdomen.

When questioned, she reports:
-Two day history of worsening intermittent abdominal pain on the right side of abdomen
-No bowel problems (normal movements, stools etc)
-No problems with:
palpitations/chest pain
passing water
-Smokes one pack a day and drinks 15-20 units of alcohol per week.
-Reports falling on to a table at a club while drunk (2 nights ago). Claims it was extremely painful – thought pain may be due to fall and that was why she was reluctant to come in.

Examination Findings:
-Blood pressure of 90/50 mm Hg
-Heart rate of 120 bpm
-Raised respiratory rate
-Very tender right iliac fossa with guarding
-A 5 inch appendix scar in right iliac fossa
-Brief examination confirmed no other major system based problems.

Her pain worsened, her BP fell even more and she lost consciousness. A peritoneal aspirate showed heavy blood staining. She showed classic symptoms of hypovolaemic shock.

Colloid and blood were given but patient failed to recover and died.


As usual, post your theories in the comments section which for the day shall be placed on moderation to avoid accidental cheating.ONLY incorrect answers will be posted until this evening.

First Coroner-in-Training to answer the cause of death correctly shall receive THIS carrier donkey:

Good luck!


5 Responses to “Friday Rounds-Autopsy Edition”

  1. Dixiechick Says:

    Ruptured appendix… gan-green had set up and spread throughout her body… once that happens you’re outta here…

  2. EC Says:

    Oh damn finally I’m the first one to comment and this one I have no idea!! This is hard!

    I’m going to go with an ectopic pregnancy because I have no idea what a peritoneal aspiraate is so I have no idea where she is bleeding from, but it sounds like it could be “down there” lol

  3. Bond Says:

    How can I answer this without knowing one thing….


  4. ian Says:

    Well, it can’t be her appendix since she’s already had it removed. Could she have ruptured her spleen?


  5. the108 Says:

    Erin was correct! This woman had suffered from a ruptured fallopian tube at ten weeks into an eptoptic pregnancy resulting in her bleeding to death internally.

    Enjoy your carrier donkey.

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