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108 on the108 August 17, 2007

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I see these things all over the place, the “100 Things About Me” meme but I have never done one because I don’t know if I could think up 100 things about me that anyone would find interesting. But, Because I am insanely bored right now, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

As the108, I have decided that 108 things would be more appropriate. However, I don’t want a huge list of nonsensical facts about me on the front page of my blog and so I’ve decided to make it separate. If you wanna know 108 random things about the 108, click here!

I might just get scare you off as I’m not exactly normal, but you should know that by now anyways.Most of this stuff is all anxious history. People grow up and they move on. I’m an example of that. Seeing in writing how crazy and loaded my life has been is… weird! Especially to know that other than the crazy marital crap and stresses going on right now… in comparison, everything is much calmer now…lol.

It’s funny that this, right now, is what bothers me, but all the history of my life does not. That stuff, I don’t care about. It means nothing to me. Dean and my kids.. they matter and so I’m upset.

On a related topic, I want to thank you guys for being so sweet and supportive. I don’t have any local friends and I’ve known some of you so much better than a lot of people I know IRL and you’ve all just been awesome to listen to me freak out. This past year has been nuts and I love knowing that I can come here, get some advice, some hugs or just a shoulder…

Things here are better in the way that we’re not fighting. I woke up this morning and Dean had gotten really defensive in my comments and when I saw him, I just gave him a hug and asked him if he felt better. He apologized for going off and told me to remove what he had written but I said I wasn’t going to. He knows that this is my place and that you are all my friends the same way I know that he is frustrated with the state of things and I’m not going to fault him for getting defensive. If I’m going to publicly express myself about our relationship then I will give him that same respect.

Dean, did however, find out some very scary and interesting information for me. Here I am bashing him and our problems and he is pissed off at the asshole leaving shitty comments to make ME feel worse…lol. At any rate, we have discovered that you can contact someone’s internet provider with their isp number and it does NOT take much persuasion to get a home address of the person.As a matter of fact, it was so easy to do that Dean and I were literally going off about internet predators and about how any child molesting pervert can get a kid’s home address just by tracking an isp and calling it in. You can change your isp number a million times a day but each one is logged by your provider and traced back to the city the provider is connecting you out of and then back further to the actual home address.I thought it took police action. It does not. But it should.

It’s really scary. I loathe internet abuse. Some people take a really good thing and use it for really fucked up shit.

But anyway… go check out my 108 things and also know how much I appreciate your honesty and support. I need it right now. If I couldn’t confide or turn to you guys, I’d be insane at this point. I’m alone in a house with a computer so it’s a good thing that all of my friends live in it…LOL.


4 Responses to “108 on the108”

  1. Bond Says:


    Ummm did not see any Vinny’s on that list of people you like

    I 1000000000% agree on the pot issue

    You are some wonderful woman…

  2. ian Says:

    I once had a guy hassling me just because I had the temerity to comment on the blog of the woman HE was stalking.

    He stopped bothering me after I got him thrown off two separate ISPs. Remember, folks; abuse@[domain] will solve most anything.


  3. MARFSBABY Says:

    Hi there… nice to meet ya, thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a nice comment! And don’t be afraid to leave a review request at The Jack Factor… he’ll LOVE yours too, you have an awesome blog here (and really nice boobs – his two favorite things). And what a great post (your 108 things) for me to find on my first visit.. I can totally get to know you in one shot and then come back for more. See ya round’ – Jasmine

  4. Colette, aka Lil Sis Says:

    I am sad that one of the two men’s names makes you uncomfortable for obvious reasons. The Steves and Pauls I know are fabulous men that I love dearly. 😉

    I like your name pick for Olivia had she been a boy..again for obvious reasons, though my Logan is not named Logan after Wolverine. I just liked the name and never knew anyone named Logan.

    You are also two steps ahead of me at least since I could never remember details of my past like that! ;-)~

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