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Ewwwwwww. August 16, 2007

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Could someone please direct me to the advertising geniuses behind this commercial??? I would really like the opportunity to smack the nonsense out of them and ask them what in the fuck made them think that poop makes for an appealing visual when trying to sell a food product.

The carnivorous soul-eaters behind MacDonald’s advertising at least understands that you have to mind fuck people with happy thoughts about their product in order to sell it. I remember when Volkswagon put out all those commercials for the Jetta that depicted car crashes in an attempt to show people that even in the worst crashes our cars are so safe that you probably won’t die!!!….

And then there is All Bran here. Now, I understand that elderly people eat this shit to make them shit…. hell, everyone knows that bran will unleash even the most stubborn turds from it’s intestinal prison, but this commercial has planted a severe case of the WTF? Face on the108.

Take a look at it and you tell me that the mental images are far more disturbing than just a simple, “this helps with constipation” which probably would have sufficed.

Instead, we have barrels simulating the rolling poop balls and dump trucks taking big, loose… dumps.

32 seconds of television has ensured that I will NEVER purchase All Bran cereal as every single time I looked at it, I would think of a big, burly (and potentially very hairy back-ed)construction worker straining to relieve himself in a port-o-shitter until, two very large bowls of cereal later, he is creating fecal history in said port-o-shitter.

Soooo NOT an image I want in my head while eating something that looks like …. well, it looks like shit.

I get the humor. I really do. However, for a food product I am not sold.


7 Responses to “Ewwwwwww.”

  1. Bond Says:

    at work – can’t see it – will come back later – you smiling? – please do

  2. TopChamp Says:

    I’m still on slow internet so can’t watch videos… but is it bad for me to admit here that I am a big fan of Kellogs (All Bran) Bran Flakes???!

    Still having lots of connection issues so difficult to comment on blogs just now.

  3. Sparky Duck Says:

    plus, i think the actor maybe a porn star

  4. Anthony Says:

    “something’s gotta give”. You betcha.

    Yeah, the rolling balls and dump truck are really subtle…

    Have you ever eaten that stuff? It’s the last act of a desparate man, because it has only one purpose in life.

    Elaborate, Sparky!

  5. ian Says:

    Have a nice big bowl of Super Colon Blow cereal!


  6. Starrlight Says:

    Hey Ian…you can buy your Colon Blow at the same stores that have Puppy Uppers and Doggy Downers, right?

    The weirdest food commercial is Blister In The Sun for wendys…

    “Big hands I know you’re the one”….wtf are they thinking?! The song is about meat, all right, just not hamburgers!

  7. Sparky Duck Says:

    Not that i pay much attention to the guys in porn when I do delve into that um genre of enterntainment, sure as hell looks like a porn star ive seen.

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