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Well, I’ll Be Damned. August 13, 2007

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Did you guys know that if you don’t feed your fish for a month or so that it will DIE???

This just in: 98% of fish related deaths are due to lack of sustenance and drastic changes in water temperature. Well, my fish’s water had pretty much completely evaporated so it couldn’t have been that…..

Interesting. He never liked me much anyhow. Rest in peace, you vicious fucker.


4 Responses to “Well, I’ll Be Damned.”

  1. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Something fishey is going on here…

  2. Sparky Duck Says:

    so so sympathetic 🙂

  3. EC Says:

    LMAO!! I hope he had a proper funeral!!

  4. briliantdonkey Says:

    There is a word for that these days. It’s called sushi


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