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Ass Cancer Claims Another Victim August 13, 2007

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Well, I don’t usually assume to give a shit about dead celebrities but this one I will mention. Merv Griffin kicked the bucket after battling the ass cancer for the past decade and that just sucks. For him. And his family. I didn’t know him and so I remain saddened simply by the fact that someone has died and this typically invokes feeling of sadness.

Especially if the dead guy in question is the Bad Muthafucka who gave us Jeopardy, son!

Dorky fact about Kyra #84493: I’m addicted to game shows. And… I rock that shit, too. I just love me some Jeopardy and run quick and tell your grandma that I will take her ass to the playground at some Wheel Of Fortune. Go on… tell her.

But Merv’s awesomeness does not end with Game Shows. Oh, no it doesn’t. He eventually landed himself his own show where he got celebrities piss ass drunk and then interrogated them about incest and whatnot. That… is my kind of guy.

So, he was a singer and a game show inventor and a talk show host and then he became a mogul but who gives a real shit about that stuff when one can know that he sauced up some famous folk and then humiliated them on television.

What a shady bastard. I love him for it.

Well, enough of this sadness and mourning! I’m off to play Wheel o’ Fuckin’ Fortune, baby!


4 Responses to “Ass Cancer Claims Another Victim”

  1. Bond Says:

    We speak of Merv today also…

    OH and sexy voice you have… listened to the archive…..

  2. Susie PSU Says:

    You always seem to make me laugh, even when my ass is dragging. It’s just the way you put things. To the point. Accurate. And always honest. You really make my day sometimes.

  3. the108 Says:

    Sexy voice? Made you laugh??

    I’m a happy camper, now 🙂

  4. Bond Says:

    Does that mean you, Suzie and I are having a three-some?

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