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My Ass Hurts August 12, 2007

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….and surprisingly not for the reason you most likely suspect.

Dean got off work early this evening and granted me some time to myself at which point I planted my arse in front of the computer to redecorate the ol’ blog.

As you can probably tell, it is quite different from before.

Someone is off her meds again and the thing that might have gone unnoticed this past week is that I have been slowly and methodically cleaning up my blog. The maddening clutter was driving me insane and it started with adding scrollerbars to everything to save space and ended in me just out right deleting the shit out of most of my sidebar junk.

I finally said FUCK IT and got rid of the stupid template altogether and got this one. I love it but have just spent about six straight hours trying to make it perfect. My only issues right now are the fact that my blog title is sooo tiny and I can’t figure out how to embed text in one of the millions of graphics it took to put this fucker together. The other issue I’m having is that I want to enlarge the font on just the body of the blog, the posts themselves but not on the drop down panel as it makes everything sort of out of whack.

But I want y’all to be able to read it without going blind. Although most of you men probably masturbate furiously as you read my thoughts and are halfway there as it is, so really it shouldn’t matter.

My final complaint is that I have lost my comments code and therefore all you see is a number at the top of each post instead of merrily requesting that one should leave a comment. This is seriously annoying me.

Other than that, this is an obsessive/compulsive’s dream blog as everything is very neat and tidy and out of the way and it only took me six hours to get it almost perfect.

Some of you might not have figured out how to access the junk, though so here is a tour of the108 as it shall remain:

At the top there is a tag hanging down that says, “pull”. Click on it and the junk will drop down. All of my links and photos and shit can be found on the menu and my archives, although a tad fuckered up, are there as well.

My only sadness is that I am saying goodbye to my usual custom of changing out my header monthly to fit whatever theme I’m into at the time. But, it is well worth it to me to be organized and tidy.

So, if anyone knows how to fix my comment woes and wants to give it a whirl.. I love you already.

And I’d love some feedback on the new look. Ya like it??


8 Responses to “My Ass Hurts”

  1. TopChamp Says:

    Hello…. not a scooby doo.

    But I like the blog colour/layout/pretty header etc, although it’s nice to see you and my super-slow internet won’t let me ‘pull’ the pull bit. Still… hopefully I’ll get broadband back soon.

  2. Anthony Says:

    The text is kinda tiny, but it’s early and I’m still legally intoxicated.

    As for now, it looks like the name of the blog is “my ass hurts”, which should encourage plenty of page hits from South Korea.

  3. Bond Says:

    The ‘pull’ is not working here either – if there is suposed to be something happening when you do

    and no more ‘mantourage’ and bitches’


  4. the108 Says:

    TC: What’s not a scooby doo??

    Anthony: You’re awesome.

    Bond: That’s wierd. I wonder how you go about fixing something like that since it works here and not there. Are you clicking on it or just hovering over it?

  5. ian Says:

    The color scheme is a little odd, but I can deal with that. As far as embedding text in the graphics, why don’t you just use Paint or something and actually make the text PART of the graphic? Then you can use something more interesting than a plain old font. The pull tab ain’t workin’ for me, and I don’t know how to help you there.

    And what I do when I’m reading your blog is totally not your business. 😉

    PS: The dead guy was driving a convertible with the top down. Easy.

  6. Travis Says:

    Ah-ha! This total tech idjit has figured out how to leave a comment.

    And my eyes do thank you for switching off of the black color. Pictures look great, but it’s hard to read – I often just read the posts in comments when I come across those black backgrounds.

  7. EC Says:

    I love it actually! But thanks for the tutorial on the pull lever, lol… I don’t know that I would have figured it out!! 🙂

  8. Thomas Says:

    Kyra, your new layout is very interesting (I wonder what you woulda came up with if you had been on your meds).

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