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Emi-versary August 12, 2007

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Holy shit, y’all… it’s been two months already and yet, it feels as though it’s been longer than that.

Two months and she’s now starting to act like a baby, grabbing at things, clutching whatever she can get her hands on. It’s so amazing to see how she is evolving as she grows and now that she is losing some of the newborn puffiness, you can see a pretty, little heart shaped face emerging with doe eyes and a tiny rose for a mouth. She’s so pretty and it is, for me, a constant desire to be kissing those rose lips and staring into those doe eyes.

For the last couple of weeks Emi was going through a growth spurt and was being really, really demanding. She wanted to be held all day and all night and she wanted to eat constantly. It was pretty difficult and the house has suffered greatly but I have learned that I’m capable of holding a baby as I’m cooking dinner and playing Monopoly with the older three as I’m doing dishes and tidying up. Somewhat.

But now the spurt has broken and the day before yesterday, Emi slept for 24 straight hours and I think she needed it badly. Then, yesterday, she was perfect… not cranky, very alert, very sweet and lovely in every way.

Two months already….


6 Responses to “Emi-versary”

  1. Bond Says:

    she is beautiful

  2. Susie PSU Says:

    Wow, she IS so beautiful! And for what its worth, I really like the new blog. It is so organized and has everything put away, like in a drawer, but you can pull it out when you want to see it. Fantastic!!

  3. the108 Says:

    Susie, is it pulling down for you??? It works here on my laptop and also on Dean’s computer but a lot of people are saying that it isn’t working on theirs. I’m trying to see if it’s them or me…lol.

  4. Travis Says:

    What Bond said…she IS beautiful.

  5. EC Says:

    Wow, time really flies!! She is so adorable and you are so lucky!! Enjoy everyday because as you know it is going to start going even faster, lol. I love your new blog look by the way!

  6. Colette, aka Lil Sis Says:

    Everyone around me has new babies! I do not want one, but I do miss those “everything is new” days. Enjoy..she’s beautiful!

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