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Just A Few Things of Little Importance August 7, 2007

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On August 24th, I shall be celebrating my one year blogger birthday. Mind you, I have been blogging for years, but it never made it’s way over here until last August.

So… how shall we celebrate???

Also… I have been tagged to do a meme about middle names and the problem is that I don’t have a middle name. I mean, I have a middle name from birth, but since changing my name, have never had or used one. Well, I am going to leave my middle naming up to you guys… I shall be taking suggestions and whoever comes up with the best one will win the honor of me having my name legally altered to include said M.N. Please keep a few things in mind:

-It has to sound good with Kyra.. duh.
-Meanings are very important to me.
-Try to come up with something that reeks of Kyra… something that just fits, ya know?

So, Dean’s actual birthday is coming up on the 14th and as he is on extra duty for work, I have taken the liberty of making him four doctor’s appointments on that day so that he may get out of work…lol. That’s love. Or something.

I am pleased to announce that I am now taking applications for the new position of Kyra’s Husband.

So, back on the name thing… many of you know that I changed my name when I was 16 and left home from Kimberly to Kyra. Dean has Kimberly tattood in large letters on his stomach and a couple of days ago while we were at the pool I had a great opportunity to fuck with someone and make myself giggle as I so like to do.

This kid in the Navy was down there and he stopped and struck up a conversation with me about the tattoos on my feet… something that happens ALL THE TIME. We chat for a few minutes and go over the basics, “did it hurt?”, “do you have others?” blah blah blah… And then he spots Dean and asks me:

“Who is Kimberly?”

Me: “Huh?”

He: “Your husband… he has Kimberly tattood on his stomach.”

Me: “Oh… that. Yeah, Kimberly is his girlfriend.”

He: “Your husband has a girlfriend?”

Me: “Yep.”

He: ” And you’re okay with this??”

Me: “Sure.”

He: “Wanna go out tonight?”

Me: “I can’t. I have plans with someone else.”

He wanted to take me to a bar called Club Chub. That’s a hell of a name for a bar and I wonder if I should be offended. Like… is it a scoring ground for fat chicks or something?? I have no clue but I will have to check it out. Maybe he’s into that sort of shit.

This kid was really young and has only been in the Navy for ten months. Over the course of this ten months, Navy dude has literally spent his paychecks on tattoos as he claims he didn’t have any when he joined and is now covered in them. Including the forearms which I had to ask him if he was in a shitload of trouble for to which he replied, “Yeah… they’re not too happy about those ones.”

He is living outside tat law in the military. But then again… so is Dean. The tattoo on his arm is okay for him to have but I’m not sure about the stomach. I do know, however, that the nipple piercings are a big, fat no-no. He’s not supposed to have them, but whatever. That’s the way he rolls. Loud and out of control.

I have to do something to get Dean to lighten up and go crazy. I cannot get him to let loose and I am really wanting him to. For Christ’s sake… it took me 7 years to get him to do a certain something in the bedroom that most guys BEG their women to let them do that I had to beg him to do. He is just too damned polite. Sometimes.

Maybe when we have the cash, I’ll buy him a motorcycle without telling him, leaving him to feel obligated to ride the thing. I admit that I enjoy a guy driving certain cars and such even though I hate those fucking assholes on motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic just because they can. It makes me want to open up my car door on them.

Dean is just too nonchalant about his hotness which only amplifies it. A lot of guys who are adept at firing guns think they are the shit. Likewise, a lot of men in uniform…. they just KNOW that they are hot, but Dean thinks nothing of it. This makes him way hotter.

So, I could buy him a motorcycle and he would ride it and I would think it was wicked sexy but he would not. So… it would be just for me.

So, I send him to work with my camera to have him take pictures of him in his truck (HumVee) and he just rolls his eyes although seeing him in his truck does it for me. I have asked on numerous occasions if we can have sex in it but to not much avail, especially after I saw that he had had Karma Police printed on the top of the windshield in big ass letters. He claims it would be too hard to have sex in his truck because he would have to sign it off post and I disagree and say that we can just get it on in the truck while it is still at the motor pool. I think I almost have him convinced that we can go in the night and do it.

I cannot believe that this is all I have to say about the Army and our relationship to it. I have so many people ask me, “what’s it like?” and all I can come up with is, “I wanna fuck my husband in his HumVee and I like it when I can feel his dog tags slapping me on my back and if you have a kevlar helmet on for too long and take it off then you get lightheaded. Oh, and you CAN cook MRE’S on your bare ass.”

Welcome to the life of an Army wife.

So, to recap on this here post:

-My blogger birthday… how to celebrate?
-I need a middle name.
-I like to fuck.

That is all. Good day to you.


8 Responses to “Just A Few Things of Little Importance”

  1. Dixiechick Says:

    Oh lord girl… I had a really good comment but it flew totally out of my brain after reading having sex in the HumVee…

    Oh the excitement … the thrill… of getting caught/not getting caught… getting caught/not getting caught…

  2. Matt-Man Says:

    To recap…Party, Middle Name, and Sex. I’ll get right on it, not necessarily in that order. Cheers!!

  3. Sparky Duck Says:

    Thanks for the recap matt man, i was stuck on what someone would need to beg to happen in the bedroom

  4. ian Says:

    LOL – great post!


  5. the108 Says:

    Sparky: Let me spell it out for you:


    Let me know if you need another clue….lol.

  6. Bond Says:

    Oh so much pressure….

    Not in answering your questions..oh NM! LOL

    SCARLETT – you are a Scarlett!

    Sparky… pssst…turn her around… got it?


  7. Starrlight Says:

    ROFL oh…I hurt. I have a stitch in my side that is killing me now. The let me spell it out for you. Damn, now my head hurts again 😛

    Middle name..hrmm…I like Scarlett too. It works for you.

  8. the108 Says:

    Well, then Scarlett it is…lol.

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