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Tough Guy August 2, 2007

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My big, bad husband beat up a girl yesterday and when I gawked at him for this his response was to shrug and say, “What? She was TWICE my size!”


But seriously… how weird is that? Yesterday at work, they had combative training which is like fight club where everyone stands around as people take turns beating the shit out of each other. Then, you are ranked based on how far you get, how many people you force to tap out and all that shit. Dean ranked second after finally losing to his team chief, a guy who just returned from the combat training academy, so Dean was not surprised that he had his ass handed to him.

I can’t believe that he had to fight a girl…lol. And I say that not in a real, “I can’t believe it that is just so fucked up” sort of way, but in a laughing, “no way… ha ha ha!” sort of way. He said she put up a good fight, though.

I used to think I could take Dean. He’s not the most dangerous looking person on the planet and I’m sort of psychotic and so I assumed he’d be an easy battle if ever we felt like knocking each other around in the ring a bit for fun.

And now I’m not so sure. Him ranking second out of his unit says to me that he is not exactly the wussy I thought he was.

Between him getting shot in the face with the paintball a few days ago and his combatives yesterday, he has had his ass handed to him. I laughed when he took his shirt off last night and he was COVERED in bruises and grip marks. Someone had obviously grabbed him pretty hard around the bicep because he had the full imprint of a hand there in a lovely shade of purplish black.

“How the hell did that happen? Who did that to you??”, I squeal like a wife.

“Fuck if I know. Somebody must have grabbed me at some point.” He says as he peers down at himself curiously.

He was sore. Really sore. You could tell that the adrenaline had kept him from feeling anything but by the evening time, the bruises had pushed up and everything was hurting… His ribs, arms, back…. he was tore up.

Makes me wonder what the poor girl looked like.

And I wonder how he’s feeling today after sleeping on it all night… ha ha ha! I’ll bet that SOMEONE is popping Motrin today like it’s candy…..


5 Responses to “Tough Guy”

  1. ~paige~ Says:

    so tell me you guys are back “on”

  2. ~paige~ Says:

    the devil is today’s riddle…right?

  3. the108 Says:

    Paige: Nope… NOT the Devil. But the answer will be up in a minute because I need to switch them out 🙂

    No, we’re not “back on” so to speak. We are trying to wait until his extra duty is over and then figure out what to do. A lot has been broken between us and I’m the one who is pretty convinced that it is unfixable and not sure how much longer I can be hopeful and cetain that things will turn around. I adore Dean and wish like hell that things would work out, but I’m worried that a lot of damage is being done to both of us right now by staying together. We are very much in love for reasons neither of us understands but things have to change for the kids and just life in general to benefit. I hope and wish that someday things will be absolutely how we want them to be, but right now… it’s just not happening and it’s not good for any of us. 😦

  4. ~paige~ Says:

    a sponge…
    hang in there. whatever you decide to do, i wish you the best

  5. Little Sis Says:

    Kyra, I’m sorry to hear about you and Dean. If you are very much in love, than I hope things will work out at some point.

    As far as him with the motrin? Gotta love that government issued vitamin M! LOL

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