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Predictably Kyra August 2, 2007

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How is it that we can put so much money and time, people and effort and energy into rebuilding another country that we tore up with bombs in order to “prevent” more terrorist attacks but we can’t seem to use our money on things here at home trying to prevent THIS from happening:

How awful. How sad. How scary.

And the bridge collapsing is, too.

Billions of dollars being spent to build new bridges in Iraq while we sit at home falling victim to our many-generations-old structures such as ports and bridges and railways that are desperatly in need of repairs. This bridge was a category four on the safety scale, zero being safe and nine being unsafe… the majority of the bridges we drive on in this country are rated the same. They are crumbling below the line of sight and we HAVE the money to fix them to keep innocent people safe as they travel across this country… going to their jobs, paying their taxes, dying on broken bridges no one has bothered to keep maintaining…. A bridge in the middle of this country should not be falling into the river below.

Many thoughts and best wishes to the friends and families and victims of this tragedy…. and here’s thanking the Powers That Be for keeping our Minnesota boys off that bridge yesterday.


4 Responses to “Predictably Kyra”

  1. Carol Anne Says:


    If they’re not bombing and rebuilding another country, they’re handing money to business so they can build new buildings for free — and not pay taxes for it either.

    The governor vetoed a transportation bill this session. The Republican ass that he is didn’t want to raise taxes. As one of my friends — who drove across the bridge an hour before it fell — said, “I pay taxes to build and fix roads and bridges!”.

    I’m so upset, I could only write a part of what I was initially thinking on my blog. Sounds like a good time for me to grade papers, don’t you think?

    Glad to hear your Mpls. boys are OK. Thanks for the space on your blog. {{{hug for your care}}}

  2. the108 Says:

    Ha! Yeah, I read that he had vetoed that bill and thought… how ironic.

    Hugs backatcha 🙂

  3. Little Sis Says:

    It’s much like Governor Sanford here in SC. He spoke at the Charlesont 9’s memorial service about how firemen don’t do it for the money..and vetoed a bill that would give SC’s fire departments grants for more safety equipment. Fucking jackasses.

  4. Sparky Duck Says:

    I accidentally watched some of the republican debate sunday morning and I don’t know what was worse, demonizing a hike in taxes to help out the countries infrastructure, or the fact that there were no answers when the candidates said they could do it without raising taxes. You know, like wishing on fairies.

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