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Ask Me Anything July 25, 2007

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Today I need a reason to think. I need an excuse to use my brain, exercise some wit. I want to learn things about myself and others. I want to explore history and future, fact and fiction.

Problem is… I got some writer’s block.

This is where you all can help me. You can jump start my brain and stimulate my thought process. Go ahead… ask me anything. Give me something to write about. Today, I need it. Today I need to think.

And make it good ๐Ÿ™‚

**Answers for Susie:

1.Ahhh… losing weight. I do it by completely cutting out sugar and making splenda my best friend. Also… I eat reallt small and wierd things every couple of hours and make a lot of switches on what I eat. Instead nof mayo, I use miracle whip… instead of canned or frozen veggies, I use fresh. The real thing is counting calories. At first it’s a pain in the ass measuring your food but after a week or two you start to remember what everything is and it’s easy. Check out… you type in the food you eat and it calculates for you how many calories you’re taking in plus fat and vitamins and all that. It’s insanely helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

Exercise comes in month two and it starts very slowly.

2. He isn’t fighting the article 15 but he did just fiond out that they weren’t legally allowed to drop all of his rank and so he is talking to his lawyer to straighten it out. It won’t really matter, though as far as pay goes… we’re still going to be a family of six bringing in 350 bucks every two weeks. Which is outrageous. And very scary…lol.

3. Hmmm…. three to four syllable words… I like derogatory, discernment, ridiculous, taciturn…. and those are just the words my kids use ๐Ÿ˜‰

**Brian’s Answers:

1. I actually gave this quite a lot of thought. Being in the predicament financially that we are about to be in for the next year until Dean goes to Iraq, I would have to say Wal Mart gift cards. This is the only place around here where I can get everything we will need… food, diapers, clothes for the ever growing kids, formula, stuff to make Halloween costumes, christmas presents… anything and everything. This would free up the rest of our money so that we can pay some of our bills!

2. If I’m going to be honest then I’m going to say that I would house half of the world’s population and help them get on their feet. I believe based on my studies that Alzheimers is a strain of mad cow disease and can be prevented now that we are learning more about it. Since mad cow has a hidden incubation period of about ten years plus, there was a time when people didn’t realize what was causing it. Now, there is a lot of money and research going into Alzheimers and those afflicted, as horrid as this might sound, are old and have lived long lives. Half of the world’s population of poor and suffering are children… children who could potentially if given the chance, grow up to make changes and discover cures themselves.

**Paige’s Answers:

1. Thailand! I am a lover of the east….lol…. and Thailand seems so rich in it’s natural and man made areas that appeal to me.

2. If I could live anywhere it would be in Dharamsala, India where all of the Tibetan Refugees relocated after the chinese destroyed and overtook their land. It is this kind of peace that I want to surround myself in.

3. I’d like to teach high school or catch babies ๐Ÿ™‚


6 Responses to “Ask Me Anything”

  1. Susie PSU Says:

    Give us more details on how to lose 30 pounds in a month!! I could be slim by Labor Day? Are you kidding me?? Wait, does it involve exercise?…

  2. Susie PSU Says:

    And what’s going on with the husband and the Article 15? Can’t he contest it?

    And how many 4 or 5 syllable words do you remember? I forget them staying home with kids. One I like? Confrontational.

  3. Mrs. OrioleGal9 Says:


  4. Brian in Mpls Says:

    A semi truck has just pulled up in front of your house loaded with a years supply of________. It can be anything you wish with the exception of money. What is in the truck? Why did you pick that? It has to be all the same…

    Through some generations land contract it is determined that you have inherited a huge parcel of land. The catch is the land can only be cultivated for two purposes..
    1.) You can build a shelter that will hold half of the worlds poor in relative luxury.
    2.) It is the only known place in the world where the Einstein beetle lives. A beetle that can cure Alzheimerโ€™s Disease.
    You can only pick one of these land uses…what do you pick and why?

  5. ~paige~ Says:

    if you could travel anywhere on the face of the earth just for a visit where would you go?

    if you could live anywhere where would you live?

    what would your dream job be?

  6. the108 Says:

    Mrs. O: You are correct, my dear! sOMEONE ELSE GOT IT RIGHT, TOO… WHO WAS IT… i THINK MAYBE tRAVIS??

    Shit. I’m not fixing that…lol.

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