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Hey, Bird! It’s For You….. July 22, 2007

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So, here I am getting ready to write a fantastic blog post and I’ve got my thinking cap on as I sit outside having some coffee and a smoke as all good writers must look just dreadful to produce greatness… but I am drawing sort of a blank.

Gawd, I say to myself, what the fuck are you gonna write about, Kyra??

And then, and I SWEAR TO GOD I’m not making this up… I hear sort of a ringing sound in the distance but it seems to be sort of getting louder and it sounds like it is coming from the sky. I look around. I gaze at the sky…. nothing. It is sort of cloudy and, frankly, I’m thinking I’m a moron because I’m looking to the sky anyhow to locate the ringing and so I assume that someone’s phone next door is going off or something.

But… it’s getting louder.

And then I see it. There is a fucking bird flying around in the trees with a goddamned CELL PHONE in his beak. I almost shit my pants.

What’s even more bizarre is that the bird wasn’t gigantic or anything. It wasn’t tiny, but it wasn’t huge, either. Maybe something like a crow sized bird. With a phone.

That was ringing.

Someone had clearly lost their phone and was calling it over and over again trying to locate it…lol. It has made my day and I have named the bird Razr as I assume that that’s probably the kind of phone he jacked as it is light enough.

But anyhow.

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time with my girlie and I have missed her so much so I thought I’d post some pics. Hopefully, it will become clear why I was missing her so much 🙂

This is Olivia as she and I were playing with John. The cat is getting huge. His head is almost as big as hers…ha ha ha.

This is the face that preceded her calling me a “butt cow” and leaping on me as I was lying on the floor taking pictures of her being adorable.

The famous kissy lips that always make me think she looks like Meg Ryan.

And here is the face that precedes ME calling HER a butt cow and leaping on her for a tickle fest.

This one speaks for itself….

Now tell me you wouldn’t feel better about anything after that 🙂


8 Responses to “Hey, Bird! It’s For You…..”

  1. ian Says:

    She is a beautiful little girl, no question, and hardly any butt cowness to be seen.

    And the story about the bird is priceless. You should walk around the area to see if you can find the phone and retrieve it. That’d be a helluva story to tell the owner.


  2. Travis Says:

    What a cutie!

    And a cautionary tale about cell phones too. LOL!

  3. Susie PSU Says:

    That cell phone story had my laughing hysterically. I even had to call a friend to tell her the story!! I wonder who will never find their phone again…?

    listening and enlisting

  4. the108 Says:

    Ian: Oh. The bird seemed VERY attached to it. I think I even saw him texting.

    Travis:Don’t take yer eyes off it fer even a second!

    Susie: Your answers are correct!

  5. jolie-jordan Says:

    Very cute Olivia photos…very cute olivia.

    Love that thieving bird too. So funny. Probably tired of the phone ringing and waking it up.

  6. Bond Says:

    What an adorable little pixie… she will be breaking hearts before we know it…

  7. Anndi Says:

    Poor bird’ll get carpal tunnel beak from all the texting…

    Don’t you love being the mommy of a little girl?

    Mine’s off for another 2 weeks with her grandma and then her Dad… *sigh*. I may have to sleep in her bed .. it smells like her.

  8. TopChamp Says:

    She is cute! Hope her chin’s better soon. Glad to hear it’s not upsetting her now.

    John is also cute… but then he looks very like Dixie so I’d be bound to like him.

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