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Matt and Dixie and Family July 20, 2007

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Hello, fellow bloggers and friends of the108.

We have a good friend here in bloggerland, the amazing and wonderful Dixie, who will be needing our shoulders, smiles, hugs and well wishes as she says goodbye to her son, Matt this weekend.

Matt leaves on Sunday to become a Marine. He will learn so much and will forever have his life changed by this experience, this journey. No longer will he be a boy, but will be transformed into a man, brave and strong.

No matter what your views on this war or the political climate of the past few years, I think we can all agree that all of our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen are human beings with families and loved ones who miss them terribly when they are away doing their duty and it is this commitment and devotion that we must support and value. Whatever got them there, whatever their reasons for being there whether it is overseas or here at home, they do it and the work is never easy.

Every military man and woman has things that motivated them to join. Maybe it was their firm beliefs in their country and the desire to resource themselves for the good of our people. Maybe it was to better their own lives and the lives of their families with the opportunities the military offers. Maybe it is to find a sense of purpose in themselves or to explore their own personal strengths.

Whatever the reason, it is important that we all realize that whatever it was, it was important enough for them to sign the papers and sacrifice the comfort and security they know to venture out into the unknown and it is THIS that makes them heroes. Were they not volunteering, random men and women would be torn from their schools and jobs and families and drafted to go and fight. Thank you volunteers, for being there, for being the ones who keep others who don’t want to be there, out. Thank you for stepping up and for being willing to take one for the team.

For Matt, the days are about to get much longer. He will be tired and frustrated and homesick. There will be times when he is angry and spent. His body will go through a transformation as he is pushed to his limits. He will be achy and sore, but he will also be learning so much about himself and his capabilities and endurance and he will be gaining another family to see him through it.

For Dixie, her days will also be long and her heart and mind will be always with her son. She will wait for letters and phone calls and she will look forward to each of her son’s milestones. She will anxiously wait for graduation day and look forward to seeing her son succeed on his own. She will worry and fret and pray for his safety every day but also be so extremely proud of his bravery and immensely impressed with his capabilities.

It is simply not easy and yes, the military has it’s bad things and it’s good things but you learn to just keep going no matter what is thrown at you.

Please stop by Dixie’s place to send well wishes and support to her, Matt and the rest of the family as they start this journey. Show them all that they are not alone and that we are there for them during both the sad times to offer a hug and also during the wonderful times to cheer and salute another young man who is doing what he needs to do.

Soldiers without support from family and friends are not happy soldiers.

And anyone wanting to show support can feel free to steal the banner at the top of this page… soon, I will post a smaller sidebar version so that we can continue to show our support to Matt. And please click on the banner and go on over to Dixie’s place and offer up some kind words. Let’s let her and Matt know that we are all out here rooting for them.

Good luck, Matt!!!


9 Responses to “Matt and Dixie and Family”

  1. Anndi Says:

    You know.. I think I love you.

    Yup! I’m pretty sure I do.

    Thank you.

  2. Bond Says:


    The banner is tremendous, can’t wait for the sidebar.

    Thank you for extending this tribute!

  3. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Well said, my dear…well said.

  4. Starrlight Says:

    What a lovely post, Kyra =)

  5. Travis Says:

    Thank you for your words and for that outstanding banner. I put it into my post.

    I’m looking forward to the sidebar button.

  6. Susie PSU Says:


    I believe that was an incredible post. You wrote so eloquently, yet accurately. I really admire you.

  7. Piacere Says:

    Many thanks for this, Kyra. I’ll be flying the banner proudly and am looking forward to the sidebar as well.

  8. Tug Says:

    I’m here through Bond…can you e-mail me the code to link to Dix’s so that I can post it? Thanks.

  9. Dixiechick Says:

    I absolutely know that I love you… that was the most beautiful post. I just want to jump through this computer and give you a huge hug.

    I’m going to steal the sidebar at the hotel tonight and post on my blog.


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