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Friday Rounds July 20, 2007

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Good morning my crispy, little interns. It is time for our weekly rounds.

Today’s patient is a 37 year old man by the name of Nigel Pennyworth who was brought to the hospital by his wife after she became very concerned when her husband’s bizarre symptoms became worse.

The Pennyworth’s reside in the UK but have come to the United States to vacation as Mrs. Pennyworth thought that maybe her husband was needing a break. According to her, he has been acting peculiar for the past eleven months and his entire health and personality seem to be deteriorating very quickly.

Nigel’s problems began when his posture started to become hunched both while he was upright and while he was sitting down. It seemed to gradually get worse but eventually Nigel began having bouts of muscle spasms and twitching, which he attributed to dehydration as he suddenly could not bring himself to eat and he experienced rapid weight loss.

Mrs. Pennyworth reports that in the last few months, Nigel has become increasingly more agitated and aggressive, often striking out in a destructive manner.

Nigel also began getting frustrated with memory loss and poor reflexes, diminishing eyesight and a loss of balance. He was having difficulty speaking and had a tendency to mumble before he stopped talking altogether. More recently he seems to be experiencing dementia, bizarre outbursts of laughter and foaming at the mouth.

Given what we now know about Nigel Pennyworth, we must diagnose him stat!

Be gone, fair interns… off you go to try to unravel the medical mystery that IS… Nigel Pennyworth.

As usual… leave your diagnosis in the comments section but know that comment moderation will be turned on to prevent cheating. Only wrong answers will be put through to post so that others may use them to rule things out like a good, little doctor. Those with correct answers will receive an email.

Good luck!

Oh… and this weeks prize to whoever is able to come up with the right answer will be:

A slice of finely aged American cheese encased in a protective outer wrapper to conserve flavor and freshness!!!

Don’t pass this one up, folks.


16 Responses to “Friday Rounds”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    that alzhimer(i can’t spell that shit)the old people stuff.Old timers

  2. Lois Grebowski Says:


    Doc Grebowski will be in her lab performiong tests on this patient…BBL with a diagnosis.


  3. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Huntingdon’s Disease …

    “The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone, hi ho the dairy-o, the cheese stands alone!”

  4. ian Says:

    My off-the-cuff diagnosis:

    Multiple Sclerosis.

    That, or he just heard Battlestar Galactica’s next season is the last.


  5. TopChamp Says:

    dunno but wanted to let you know how much I like your Matt banner.

  6. Bond Says:

    Ummm he has the bad case of “I normally eat bland shit and now in America I am eating real food” syndrome?

    Please come by THE COUCH today and help us complete our mission.

  7. Little Sis Says:

    I would say Parkinson’s disease. I have no clue really,but it’s either that or M.S.

    If I’m right I’ll pass on the cheese thanks. 😉

  8. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Love your Matt & Dixie Banner!


  9. Starrlight Says:


  10. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Sounds like an STD from one of those nasty ladies in the UK

  11. Anndi Says:

    OOOH! Can I be House and be arrogant and pissy??

    My guess…
    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (mad cow)?

    how cheeky to hand out cheese… LOLOL

  12. Bond Says:

    please send me the code for both, so i can use them on the Couch

  13. the108 Says:

    So far, Anndi has gotten it right and is the only one……

    Although Anonymous AKA Shannon is very, very close 🙂

    Here’s a clue for y’all…

    Nigel has what Denny Crane claims to have.

  14. Anndi Says:


  15. Lois Grebowski Says:

    OOOF! I know! I know…

    He has some prions (mis-folded proteins) in his brain. Funny you post this. Oldest SD and I were talking about this disease last night.

    Creutzfelt-Jacob disease

    ::bangs self on head:: I should have known this one.

  16. Carol Anne Says:

    Pernicious anemia

    Good lord girl, I hope that cheese wasn’t found recently in your refrigerator!

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