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Thursday Thirteen July 19, 2007

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Thirteen Reasons Why I love Being A Mom:

1.I get to watch allll the Spongebob that I want in the guise that I’m merely tolerating it for the kids.

2. I have a couple of kids to take with me when I want to go see a Disney movie or buy the new Harry Potter book without feeling like an idiot.

3. Two words: Tax Exemptions.

4. My kids repel all those pesky men that want to sleep with me.

5. I finally have a good excuse to sit and color.

6. I have become impervious to strange odors.

7. “Dean? Olivia would like to know if you’ll go get us some ice cream.”

8. Because I can get my kids to prank call my mom.

9. They keep me up to date on all the latest curse words and sexual positions.

10. They make exceptional look out’s while I’m stealing cars and jimmying my way into the liquor store on the corner.

11. Because my kids believe that Monopoly money is real so whenever I am bribing them or trying to buy their silence… it’s very inexpensive.

12. They’ll eat all the food off the floor that gets dropped there so that I never have to vaccuum.

And the thirteenth and final reason I just adore being a mom:

Because despite anything, I am loved BERRY BERRY MUCH 🙂


9 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Rocketstar Says:

    Awe, that is sweet. Isn’t amazing how one minute you love them SOOO much and the next you want to sink them in the river.

  2. Starrlight Says:

    Great TT, Miss Kyra!

  3. TopChamp Says:

    that’s good – I was waiting to hear some good Mum things… read Kailani’s blog yesterday and it was all about how much they poo. Not fancying that much.

  4. Mags Says:

    I was hoping this would have been about poo.

  5. the108 Says:

    Wait…. what?

    What is all of this talk of poo? I shall have none of that, now as this is a classy blog and such topics shan’t be discussed.


  6. Sparky Duck Says:

    Yea! no poo!

    great kiddies can be good excuses, i will mark that down on a positive in the do we dont we list

  7. the108 Says:

    Um… Sparky… I have to warn you against reading any of my posts about my kids. They are the poster children for birth control.

    Although they ARE extremely fun to fuck with.

  8. Thomas Says:

    Your momma!!!

  9. jolie-jordan Says:

    Sure…that’s what you say today. Just wait…they’ll pull something soon. (LOL)

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