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The Archive Meme July 18, 2007

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Guess what? I’m going to START a meme….lol.

This is how it will work:

-Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written. … but there is a catch:

Link 1 must be about family.
Link 2 must be about friends.
Link 3 must be about yourself, who you are… what you’re all about…
Link 4 must be about something you love
Link 5 can be anything you choose.

I think this is a great way to circulate some of the great older posts everyone had written, return to a few great places in our memories and also learn a little something about ourselves and each other that we may not know.

Post your five links and then tag five other people. At least TWO of the people you tag must be newer acquaintences so that you get to know each other better…. and don’t forget to read the archive posts and leave comments!

So… My 5 favorite blog posts are….

1. Family:

2. Friends:

3. Me:

4. Something I love:

5. Blogger’s Choice:

And now I shall tag five people who will be wicked annoyed with me for doing this to them and who will probably politely decline (for this reason, recurring decliners will not be tagged by the108…lol)

I tag…

1.Starrlight because I know that this woman has said some good shit and I wanna read it.

2.Dixie because this would be a great time for her to go down memory lane and dig up a few smiles to share with us.

3. Bond because he’s the greatest writer I know and I love any reason to read his work.

4.Morgen because I’m one of his newer readers and I find him to be wonderful and smart and would love to get to know him better.

5. Ryan AKA Anndi who I have just met today and find her to be hysterical. And because she keeps offering to grope me.

So, humor my new meme and gimme some good stuff to read!!


11 Responses to “The Archive Meme”

  1. Starrlight Says:

    Psst…I got some good shit, man….

    Sorry, my inner Cheech and/or Chong came out 😛

    I shall get on this!

  2. Dixiechick Says:

    I will definitely do this. Will take me sometime but I promise I will get to this one.

  3. jolie-jordan Says:

    I might try this one and see if some of my buds want to share. sounds like it might be fun.

    good one.

  4. Starrlight Says:

    And I’m spent……

    Mine is done! That was a fun one =)

  5. the108 Says:

    Ooooh, Jolie… YES. You must!

  6. Bond Says:

    LOL..Anndi is not Ryan …where did you get that????????????? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Fine, you sucked up just enough in your description of me to make me do this one…..

  7. Bond Says:

    never mind..brain cramp…i got the ryan now

  8. the108 Says:

    Bond… So you liked that, huh? I’m friggin’ Eddie Haskell when I need to be 🙂

  9. Bond Says:

    Yeah those were “eddie haskell” suck ups fer sure

  10. Anndi Says:

    I take you up on the challenge and willingly participate (unless me saying no would get you to spank me in which case I say no…)

    And, Bond is all about being sucked UP… hehehe…

  11. Villager Says:

    I’m going to participate in the Archive Meme today … even though I wasn’t officially tagged!

    peace, Villager

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