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Just For Shitz N’ Giggles July 18, 2007

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I recently discovered that I can change the greeting on my comments page and any time there is an opportunity for fun, I take it!

Keep an eye out as this greeting will be changing daily and may usually require commenter participation 🙂

And I’m gonna give a word on hee to Miss Ryan AKA Anndi….

Duder… I keep trying to leave you comments but they’re not posting and it’s sad because they’ve been fucking hysterical. As a result, I tried to email you and it got sent back to me…lol. Someone doesn’t want me to write to you…




2 Responses to “Just For Shitz N’ Giggles”

  1. Anndi Says:

    How’d he get in the middle of that corn field? Does this mean corn is evil?

    Babe.. your comments have been posted.. I have comment moderation on .. the bouncing e-mails is creepy though…

    and yes.. they are gooooood…

  2. Little Sis Says:

    Ok, so I’m waaaay behind on my blog reading/writing and I suck royally. But I just caught up on yours and posted something in reference to your Monday post about being drug through the mud. Please go read. I felt much better after writing it. 😉 Love ya hun, will try to do better at keeping up!

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