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Marriage Meme July 11, 2007

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I have been tagged by the amazing Dixie to do a meme on 8 things about me and my hubby, Dean-o. This will be hard because you all know so much about us as it is, but I will try to pop out some interesting and unknown info 🙂

1. The first time Dean kissed me was an ambush. I didn’t even know he liked me until then. We had all gotten dressed up in camoflouge so that we could go up on the college campus and play Vietnam and I was wearing a bdu jacket with most of the buttons unbuttoned, a very short camo skirt and doc martin boots. I was in the bathroom smearing camo paint on my face when Dean came in, shut the door, turned me around… and planted one right on my lips. Then, he ducked because he thought I was going to hit him. My reaction? I looked him in the eyes and told him, “You don’t want to do this… I’ll end up hurting you really badly one day.” His response: “That is a risk I am willing to take.” It was a very memorable first kiss.

2.The first time we had sex, I was so upset with myself. Dean was saving himself for the woman he would be with for the rest of his life and then one night a month into our relationship we went to the beach with a bunch of friends and Dean got completely annihilated on GHB… a drug made from a human hormone. He got so wasted that he stood puking in the ocean for about a half hour while I stood with him. When we got home, we were still wasted and ended up having sex and afterwards, I felt so guilty that I left and went jogging and cried. I felt like I had taken something valuable away from him.

3. The first time I ever met Dean was about a year before we started dating. I had stopped at the friend of a friend’s house who I didn’t know very well ( and who is now one of my best friends) and there were a ton of people there. At some point, I noticed a dark figure crouched in the corner , a guy wearing very dark clothing and a hat, and I was totally creeped out by him. In fact, I referenced him from that point on as “the creepy guy”. The guy was Dean…lol. That summer he was completely fried and so when a year later, I re-met him and he was not creepy, I didn’t know who he was.

4. Dean has this Army coat with patches on it from every duty station. While he was in basic training and AIT, I doused it in his cologne and slept with it every night with Radiohead playing over and over again on the cd player. I missed him so much.

5. For our first Halloween together I dressed up as Jesus and Dean dressed up as a cat shit. We went to a bar and offended people and it was awesome.

6. I once played Mark Antony in a play of Julius Ceasar and Dean once played Caiaphas in Jesus Christ Superstar although he wanted to be Pilate, but his role required a certain type of voice and Dean was it.

7. Dean and I were together for a year before he ever heard me sing. The song was the Wal Mart jingle….”Blue skies are gonna clear up… put on a happy face…”

8. Our nicknames for each other… Dean calls me sweetheart, babe, love, and darlin’. I call him Honey Baby Mary Mushroom Mannicotti Muchmore. Sometimes just Mary for short.

So… that’s some weird info abouts me an me baby….. I shall now invite others to indulge us in their tales of relationship bliss.

Have at it!


9 Responses to “Marriage Meme”

  1. Brian in Mpls Says:

    This may have been the cutiest thing i have ever read

  2. EC Says:

    Awww, you guys are totally made for each other!!

  3. Bond Says:

    what a great list Kyra…it made me sad in some ways as it reminded me of the heartache of losing that person who has your heart – but happy to read the joy that is your love.

  4. Susie PSU Says:

    I was just checking in on you. How’s things?

  5. Rocketstar Says:

    So which Radiohead album?

  6. Dixiechick Says:

    I absolutely love it. Especially the first kiss…. awwwwwwww

    Great list! I knew you could do it!

  7. the108 Says:

    Rocket: OK Computer, of course… and sometimes The Bends.

    Admonished by who??

  8. Rocketstar Says:

    the army

  9. TopChamp Says:


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