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Judgement Day July 6, 2007

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Well, Judgement Day is here.

Most of you know about my family’s current troubles with a few of Dean’s poor choices and his risk of court martial. We have been waiting for a couple of months to find out what his punishment was going to be and today, he got it.

They decided not to court martial him because then he couldn’t go and die in Iraq like a good boy and so they have decided, instead to give him an article 15. The punishments for an article 15 range from a written reprimand, 14 to 45 days of extra duty, restriction to barracks, loss of one half months pay for two months and loss of anywhere from one rank to all of your rank.

Yesterday, they come to him and tell him that they are recommending that he serve extra duty but that they don’t want to mess with our pay or his rank because it would be devastating to my family financially. And then, today, they took all of it.

Eight years in the military and he is now a Private, something he has never been before. And…. we are fucked.

He got the forty five days of extra duty and the loss of all of his rank. They had told us that if they dropped him at all, it would only be one rank, but nope… he is allll the way down there and now has to earn it all back.

Had they taken the pay it would have only been half and for only two months… scary, but do-able. Instead, by dropping his rank, they have cut our pay in half for a very long time… as long as it takes him to promote back through the ranks. Could be a year…. could be more depending on if they want to promote him.

We’re barely making it now. This loss of rank seals the deal that we are now extremely fucked. We are not going to be able to make it. We have four kids and two adults. There is gas to be bought and formula and food and bills and now our rent just went up another hundred bucks.

There’s no way in hell.

Plus, his 45 days of extra duty is going to suck really badly. He’ll be working until 11 at night every day for the next 45 days. That’s until August 19th…. a week before the pool closes and I can’t juggle Emi and Olivia and Owen at the pool by myself so their summer is ruined. Fuck. Everything is ruined.

I am pretty sure that we will be saying goodbye to the cable and the internet.

45 days with an infant who wakes up for hours in the night. 45 days with three bored children and no cable or internet. I see exhaustion coming on very quickly for the108 and the109.

I’m raging pissed off right now. I am in hysterics. I hate Dean and I hate the whole shitty world. I hate knowing that we will have a really shitty year and then he will go to fucking Iraq. I hate being alone here in this place and I hate being fucking poor. I hate going from poor to REALLY poor. I want to smack somebody. I want to kick the shit out of something and scream.

I am so mad and sad and upset right now. I want to kick his ass for this. I’m sick of it. Sick sick sick sick sick of it all.

I’m going to have to seriously find a way to supplement our income somehow. Pay per post ads are not going to be enough. Mags has suggested making headers and graphics for people for a fee to use on their blogs but who in the hell would I get to buy them? How much do you charge for something like that?

I have to make money. From here. While I play with my kids and do laundry and cook and clean and feed a baby and give baths and read stories and vacuum and go fucking insane. Probably without internet.


hate hate hate hate hate hate hate anger anger anger anger anger anger anger fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I hate that people can make mistakes that others then have to pay for.

But thank GOD he didn’t get thrown out of the Army! At least he still gets to go to Iraq for 18 months!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!



21 Responses to “Judgement Day”

  1. Starrlight Says:

    Doh hun. Can I help in any way? I mean we are relatively close geographically speaking. Can you set up an internet fund or something? I’d gladly chip in to help you with your net bill so that you have the option to pay per post.

  2. Mags Says:

    Kyra, I’m so sorry. I know that NONE of these words help. They are just words…I would do anything to be able to help you.

    Just know I’m here…unfortunately, that’s all I can do for you.

  3. EC Says:

    Oh man!!! Damn, they really fucked you over… I’m so sorry (((HUGS))))

    If there is anything I can do just ask!!

  4. the108 Says:

    Awww…. y’all know I’m just pised off and flipping out a bit. It’ll be ut of my system in minutes, my lovelies. And everything will work out somehow… it always does, right?

    Besides, Brian and I have something in the works to make millions off of exploiting politicians who fuck hookers.

    Dear Christopher Walken, please let it work.

  5. Starrlight Says:

    Hey can I get in on the ground floor of the hookers/politco scheme? I’d do it for giggles alone 😛

  6. Susie PSU Says:

    I’m so sorry you guys are having troubles! I didn’t even know he was IN the military – I suppose I need to read more of your archives. The army, I take it? Did you know my husband is in the AF??

  7. Empress Bee (of the High Sea) Says:

    drat. drat. drat.

    so very sorry, bee

  8. amanda Says:

    medical transcription?

  9. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Will keep y’all in my thoughts.

  10. Carol Anne Says:

    That sucks. Totally. So nice of them to make your life living hell.

    The only jobs I can think of will need some internet connection — medical transcription or one of those 24 hour secretary things.

  11. Madame Butterfly Says:

    If you need to talk girl i am here!!!!!!!!!
    love you

  12. Morgen Says:

    This totally sucks.
    Wish there was something I could do.
    So, re-thinking becoming a stage mother? Barbazon School of Modeling for tots, anyone?
    I know I’m a new reader here, and a new acquaintance, but just wanted to say that you’re in my thoughts.

  13. Dotty Says:

    oh Kyra, im so sorry!! what a crappy turn out. is on post housing an option? i know many people dont like it, but it might save you some $$. i know in financial times they can bump you up. i second the medical transcripts, or something from home. eesh this is horrible. i hope you dont have to loose the net. goodness right during summer, right after Emi is here. im sorry hun!! hang in there!!!! let me know if i can help you somehow.

  14. Rocketstar Says:

    That sucks, I am sorry to hear it the108. I assume Dean has no recourse?

  15. Little Sis Says:

    That royally blows. I’m sorry hun. I know I’ve seen something about being a reservationist at home. I would check online to see if there was anything legit out there. I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts! Good luck Kyra! I know you and your creative self will think of something!

  16. ~paige~ Says:

    I have my thinking cap on for you as well. You are sucj a great writer that I am sure there is a way that you can make soem $ doing it.
    definitely check out the medical transcript thing.
    let me think and i will let you know if i come up with anything

  17. Brian in Mpls Says:

    If you need me to kill anyoone for you just let me know. I am so sorry this is happening

  18. Dixiechick Says:

    Kyra… I’m so very sorry. And like Mags, just know that I’m here for you. I have two ears that listen very well. I so wish I could do something for you.


    I swear I’m never going this long again without any communication.

  19. Thomas Says:

    Dean should tell the higher-ups that he’s too disillusioned now to go to Iraq. Either way, hang in there, 108 and 9.

  20. TopChamp Says:

    What are medical transcripts?

    You do really good graphics – surely people would buy. I don’t know how you go about selling them though.

    You were worried you’d lose the house etc though weren’t you? So that’s not happened. Good luck working it out – must be V hard to face x

  21. jolie-jordan Says:

    Might be time to get out of the military life. any other options for Dean for a career? Maybe you could do the sex over the phone thing…I hear those gals make good money. (LOL)
    Okay…I’m just trying to get a laugh out of you right now. Things will get better and work out. Somehow they always do.
    It’s way bad for you and the kids but it may (in the long run) be the best thing for Dean. Sometimes only the bottom makes us appreciate the top. Know what I mean?
    Either are in my thoughts and if I can come up with any “real” ideas that might help you…I’ll share.
    Here’s a list of some of the things I used to do to make money…
    sold plasma
    wrote papers for college kids
    tutored college kids
    typed for businesses (at home)
    babysit..(overnight or afternoon shift kids)
    did cold calling for local businesses
    gave massages

    I have a friend who makes good money reading the tarot cards for people and if you are a good reader you can try to get a job reading for audio books.

    I’ll try to think of more things.
    Where there ia a will there really is a way.

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