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Thursdays That Feel Like Fridays. May 25, 2007

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Ahhh…. the end of the day, the beginning of a four day weekend.

Today has been a satisfactory day. One might even call it pleasantly acceptable. If you’re feeling crazy, you could even consider it quite fine.

I…. am feeling crazy.

Not, crazy like, “I’m going to eat your face” or anything like that…. but, giddy. I’m in a silly mood, as it seems, due to a major influx of ridiculous hormonal imbalances that surge through my already psychologically delicate mainframe.

That is the most ridiculous sentence I have ever written. Seriously…. did that make sense to anyone else? Sounded impressive, though… right?

Anyway. So, I’m in a good mood. As a result, Dean is in a good mood.

My day has been nothing spectacular but as I have already mentioned, I’m insane and so you just sort of celebrate the good moods as they come as you never quite know when the psycho pregnant chick will arrive. Could be any minute now.

This morning, I woke up and spent a few minutes checking email and whatnot and then found myself to be wicked tired by about 8:30 or so. This has been happening an awful lot these days. On this occasion, Olivia was still sleeping soundly in her bed and Owen was snoring away in mine after having crawled in there in the early morning hours. I decided that nothing sounded better than scoring me a little Owen Snuggle Time and so I went and crawled back into my bed and wrapped him up in my arms. I layed there listening to him breath and just watching the calm that was spread across his face, the way his hair plumed out across the pillow as though it were intentional… and it was blissful.

The window was open and outside, the sun was streaming through trees and babies were heard chirping and whistling away in their nests while their mommies went digging for breakfast. I got to lie there with my own baby until I fell back to sleep.

I woke up to see Owen rolling over in my arms, turning his head to look up at me. He whispered a good morning and I smiled and whispered one right back. Then, he curled up even closer and we talked for about twenty minutes until his tummy started growling. It was time for this mama to go in search of breakfast for my little ones.

We woke up Miss Olivia and had some cereal and toast and hung out until it was time for everyone to get cleaned up for my doctor’s appointment. The Little’s love to come to the doctor with me and today they were more persistent than usual to come into the exam room. But, I had them stay with Daddy while I saw my doctor.

All is well with Miss Emi. One issue is that she is measuring three weeks ahead of schedule so, although I am almost 34 weeks pregnant, she and my uterus are as big as if I were 37 weeks pregnant. On top of that, my doctor discovered today that I have a prolapsed uterus which means the muscles are failing to support her and she is putting a lot of pressure on my nether regions. This is more than likely what is causing all the contractions and dilation. It won’t be long until I can hold her in my arms. Dean and I are getting very excited.

After my appointment we went and grabbed up Matthew from school and took off to go to the store. I wanted to buy the kids some stuff for the pool as we were told that it will be open this weekend and I want the kids to have fun down there. Last year we didn’t have any cool gear and it sort of sucked. Off to the store and I ended up buying a good amount of pool stuff. I bought each of the kids inner tubes, beach balls and goggles. Then, I bought Owen and Matthew some diving sticks and Olivia a floaty. The Little’s got some new swimmies but Matt doesn’t need them.

The sign of a true obsessive/compulsive is glaringly obvious when you shop with one. I was in the pool section of this store for almost an hour buying pool accessories to match my children’s bathing suits. Owen has a green bathing suit and so I bought him green turtle goggles. Matt’s suit is gray and so he got gray shark goggles and Olivia was bought pink crabs. They each got a different beach ball and innertube to match themselves. It was fun.

Until we got back home and discovered that the pool isn’t opening until Tuesday.

What the fuck? It’s goddamn Memorial Day weekend! NOW what the hell are we going to do? We were told that that fucker would be open this weekend and we planned to spend the entire four days down there. Well, except for a couple of hours on Sunday when I was going to take the kids to Lowe’s to build race cars in one of their workshops. But… I wanted to sit my fat, pregnant ass in the pool!


But, I’m still in a good mood. Dean is off tomorrow and Matt has school and I will get to sleep in a bit. It feels like Friday, but it’s not… which means I have cartoons tonight. Woo hoo! Dean-o took a nap when we got home for a couple of hours while I made a template for a friends blog and then we had dinner. Now, it is time to relax.

Thursdays that feel like Fridays are cool.


5 Responses to “Thursdays That Feel Like Fridays.”

  1. Bond Says:

    man that sucks that the pool is not open.. i am hoping the one here opens so i can go out and sit in the sun and gt some of this white off my skin…might even take the laptop and write some more…

  2. Dixiechick Says:

    I would be totally pissed too that the pool isn’t going to be open. What the hell were they thinking… pools ALWAYS open on Memorial Day weekend.

    Have a great weekend…. šŸ˜‰

  3. Thomas Says:

    I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things to do this weekend, young lady. Keep on the sunny side!

  4. EC Says:

    Glad Emi is doing well!!

    And darn that pool – what are they thinking?? It’s freakin hot outside!!

  5. Empress Bee (of the High Sea) Says:

    tell them to open the f’in pool!!!

    smiles, bee

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