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Update on Update May 17, 2007

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Well, I just got back from another fun day hooked up to the machines. I went in and the doctor reviewed all of my stuff and then did a cervical exam and I was dilated to another centimeter making it three, now and went from 50% effaced to about 70%. Somehow, overnight.

Then, he told me that he was going to keep me there today to watch my contractions and keep an eye on the baby and check my cervix again while he went and met with the other OB docs to see what everyone thought we should do.

He comes back in an hour later and tells me that we need to talk and he sits down on the bed and tells me that he thinks it’s very unlikely that I’ll make it another week, but we are going to try. He starts me on steroids to mature Emi’s lungs and then ultrasounds her to see how she was doing because she has been moving so much that we couldn’t keep her heart rate on the fetal monitors. We spent about an hour with the ultrasound machine and a couple of nurses who finally had to pin Emi down so she couldn’t move away and hold her there for twenty minutes so they could see her accelerations. It was pretty funny to have people wrestling an unborn baby down.

Miss Emi was head down yesterday and has decided to flip so now she is breech which will be an issue if my water breaks. Hopefully, she will flip again before she is born.

They asked me if I wanted to be admitted or if I wanted to go home on strict bed rest which was so awesome of them to give me a choice. I’m not allowed to move other than to pee and come right back in tomorrow for my next series of steroid injections and to be checked and monitored again. They said that if I hit four centimeters, I’ll be staying or transported to another hospital for the duration of the pregnancy and they have agreed to keep me off the magnesium until I hit four cm… thank god.

So, we wait another night and hope that there is no more dilation. If she is born now, she will have an excellent chance but spend some time in the NICU until she is able to come home. She’s a tough little girl with everything that she has been through with this pregnancy so far and even if I have her sometime this week, I know she’ll be just fine.

I will be parked right here for the rest of the night catching up on blogs… sorry I’ve missed so many!


6 Responses to “Update on Update”

  1. EC Says:

    OH Kyra šŸ˜¦ I’m sorry you have to go through this, but don’t you fret – everything will be just fine! Many babies are born that early, and I’m sure Emi will be fine. Email me if you need to talk during bedrest šŸ™‚

  2. Dotty Says:

    goodness goodness goodness ive been kinda out of it for the last couple days, been thinking of you. goodness i hope things go well. she is such a strong one though. hang in there. ill be looking for updates!!

  3. Dotty Says:

    the steriod shots are awesome, when mikey tried to come a month early in germany they gave the shots to me, and before i left they told me if i had him then he would be fine. so hang in there, im glad your getting the shots and im sure things will go fine.

  4. jolie-jordan Says:

    Still crossing fingers, eyes and toes…meditate. Chill and rest. She just wants to get out and meet everyone and have some good old fun. (smile)
    Hang in there you two.

  5. Mags Says:

    Don’t even MOVE!

    Thanks for the update-I was going nuts in class tonight wondering if I’d missed something.

  6. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Should have read this first…i am still crossed for you:)

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