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Pregnancy Drama May 16, 2007

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Hmmmm….. This post is going to be full of too much information that no one really wants to know…lol.

I started bleeding this morning. I don’t know why and I’ve never bled with my other three pregnancies so this is new to me. This sort of shit is very confusing and I’m left wondering what to do about it. Apparently, any bright red bleeding done in the second or third trimester is not a good thing and can indicate a rupture or tearing of the placenta or preterm labor. But the bleeding is weird.

My perineum has been burning for a few days and I’ve wondered if I’ve torn it open somehow. Then, this morning, I went pee and there was a fair amount of blood happening. I sat down and put my feet up wondering what I should do, called a friend for some advice, drank some water and just sort of sat here.

The baby is moving but now I’m having a bit of nausea and slight cramping. I ate something thinking maybe I was hungry, but I’m still having little contractions. However, the bleeding seems to be lightening up and I wonder if I might have stressed out or something and that is what is causing the back cramps. I don’t know if I am imagining them.

Dean is at the range today, Matt is at school, Owen and Olivia are here with me and I have two good friends visiting from out of town who are out kayaking as we speak. It’s quite difficult to get a hold of Dean at the range as no cell phones have reception, but I did place a call to the staff duty desk explaining what was going on and asking them to reach him. I also called a left a message with my obstetrician’s office and am waiting for someone to call me back. I know they are going to tell me to come in to be checked and I don’t want Dean bitched at at work, but I also don’t want something to be wrong and go ignored.

This is weird. I’m actually doing a good job staying calm and breathing slow and trying not to stress, but now I am focused on it and a little nervous. And no one has called me back yet, doctor or Dean and so I feel a little bit trapped. I don’t know when to panic.

I suppose I’ll just sit here and read blogs and wait for someone to call and rescue me.

Sigh. Emi needs to stay put for a couple of weeks more.

*updated to say that labor and delivery has called and asked me to come in and make sure everything is alright. Also, someone from Dean’s work has called to say that he packed up his shit and is on his way home. L&D says maybe it is nothing, but it could be bloody show and indicate preterm labor so we’re gonna go and get this little girl checked out. Wish me luck!


8 Responses to “Pregnancy Drama”

  1. Brian in Mpls Says:

    Good Luck I hope everything is ok..

  2. Empress Bee (of the High Sea) Says:

    you okay???

    smiles, bee

  3. ~paige~ Says:

    good luck, tell us how you are sister

  4. EC Says:

    You have to update us – are you okay??

  5. the108 Says:

    I wish I had an update but I haven’t even gone in yet. My doc called wanting to know where I was, but I’m stuck here and pissed off.At 10 this morning, Dean’s work calls and tells me that they have gotten hold of him and he’s all packed up and on his way. They told me to expect him back home in ten minutes and that he was hurrying so he wouldn’t be calling first.

    Um. It’s fucking 1:30 in the afternoon, now and I have just called back the staff duty desk and someone else picked up. He knew who I was and said he had been briefed on the situation and that they would be getting Dean out of there as soon as possible.

    Are you kidding me? He hasn’t even left the range yet??? This sort of shit blows my mind.

    I’m still having contractions but they are pretty sporadic, thank god. I just really hope that this isn’t anything serious or I’m going to have to kill someone for this bullshit.

    The Army sucks.

  6. Dixiechick Says:

    Good luck… hope everything is ok… keep us posted….

  7. Rocketstar Says:

    That’s some scary shit. Hope all is well.

  8. Mags Says:

    Oh shit.

    I’m sick at all of the wrong times.

    Kyra-ARE YOU OK?!?!?!

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