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Hmmm….. May 11, 2007

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Why exactly did my brother feel the need to send me THIS picture from his recent trip:

He and his wife took a trip to explore the Mediterranean and he graciously sent me some beautiful pictures. Most of them were lovely photos depicting gorgeous landscapes and familiar sites.

And then, smack in the middle of them was this bad boy.

Why in the hell did he even take that picture to begin with? Who are those people? What about those half naked men made my brother want to capture their images forever?

This was me while going through the pictures:

Awww…. how pretty. Gorgeous, well look at that sunset…. beautiful!… don’t they look great…. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??….okay, that ones a bit better….oooh… the Colosseum!…. what an adorable bistro…..”

I must know the process of thought behind this.

“Look, honey! Flabby, ugly, naked men! Quick! Get the camera!!”

Why, dear brother….



5 Responses to “Hmmm…..”

  1. Thomas Says:

    If you ask me, that Mediterranean dude is bringing sexy back.

  2. Little Sis Says:

    Could’ve been worse..could have been really OLD men in speedo’s just to screw with your head… 😉

  3. the108 Says:

    Thomas: LMFAO!!!!!

    Colette: I just don’t get it. It’s not like they are just sort of on the side of some photo of a fantastic view. They’re right there in the middle! Like, the primary focus!! And then… in the background is something that could have been quite pretty, but it’s being cut out. WTF?

  4. Mags Says:

    Thomas: That’s exactly what I was going to say!!!!!

    Ha haa haa…that’s funny.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Mags, quit thinking the same things as me. Or is it that I’m thinking the same things as you? Or could it be both?

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