Inside the mind of America’s (raunchy, foul mouthed, overly opinionated, sexually aggressive, incredibly offensive, fly by the minute, ridiculously absurd, often times erratic, psychologically questionable) Sweetheart.

Words Of Love. May 7, 2007

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Conversations that married people have:

(In one act~)

Me: Dean? Does it bother you that we’re so different? That I’m very good looking and you’re….. not disgusting? That I’m intelligent and you’re sort of….. bordering on mental retardation? That I’m clever and witty and you’re a tad… dense?

Dean: That you’re delusional and I’m….. sane? No. Not one bit.


2 Responses to “Words Of Love.”

  1. Thomas Says:


  2. the108 Says:


    Good for him, though!

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