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Just For Fun…. May 5, 2007

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1. Name this song.

2. What movie did it come from?

3. Who is singing it?


4 Responses to “Just For Fun….”

  1. Little Sis Says:

    1. I like to move it
    2. Madagascar
    3. Sacha Baron Cohen

    I have a child! Duh! LOL That was cute…

  2. the108 Says:

    You are very, very correct, fellow mommy!

    I adore King Julien because he is voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen. Who I intend to savagely rape.

    And, frankly, the song makes my butt move against my will.

  3. Little Sis Says:

    hahaha! by the way I did find myself frantic scrolling down your page to hit the pause button! Logan went “Oh mommy! Dance!” If he only knew…

    PS-I’ve been mapped. 😉

  4. the108 Says:

    Mine are doing the same thing…lol. I’ve had to mute the computer because everytime I enter my page my kids start to jam out and insist I turn it up as loud as possible.

    Damn kids. Don’t they know that cartoons are for adults???

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