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The Biggest Villains of 2006 December 31, 2006

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Does no one else find it hilarious/scary/unnerving that President Bush topped out the 2006 list of biggest villains, beating out Osama Bin Laden and even SATAN ???

Part of me is laughing my ass off. But then I have a sort of calming awe about the whole thing. It can’t be easy to be the worst person on the planet according to the people of America. That takes a lot of work and maybe I’m being unfair here: Maybe I should respect this man for his dedication to ruining not only our country, but other countries and the entire planet as we know it. Allll in a day’s work, my friends!

But seriously.

WORSE than Bin Laden AND Satan???

That’s an accomplishment right there. The people have spoken. I can’t help but wonder how ol’ Bushie feels about this. It’s one thing to see your approval rating drop and stay at the lowest in presidential history, but I cannot imagine how one would feel to know that they are considered more evil than Satan by a large margin and I’d feel even worse to know that I was considered more evil than the person who attacked our country and killed thousands of people. Politically speaking, Bushie was also considered more evil than some of our other popular enemies, Kim Jong Il, Suddam Hussein and the president of Iran.

In all fairness, though, Dubya DID top the heroes list with thirteen percent, beating out Oprah by almost ten percent. (Oprah tied with Satan on the Villains list).

All very amusing in a sick and twisted way. Here’s the list for you, if you’re interested.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rosie O’Donnell is tied with Satan on a list of the biggest villains of 2006.

The AP and AOL asked more than a-thousand adults to name the worst villains of the year. Rosie is tied for seventh place with the devil, Oprah, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell. They each got one percent of the vote.

President Bush tops the list of biggest villains with 25 percent – three times the percentage for Osama bin Laden.

President Bush tops the list of biggest heroes with 13 percent.

Oprah is tied with Jesus – each got three percent of the votes, while Mel Gibson, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney each got one percent.


The Associated Press-AOL News poll on who people think were the villains and heroes of the last year was conducted Dec. 19-21 and is based on telephone interviews with 1,004 adults from all states except Alaska and Hawaii. The poll was conducted by Ipsos, an international polling firm.

Results were weighted to represent the population by demographic factors such as age, sex, region, race and income.

No more than one time in 20 should chance variations in the sample cause the results to vary by more than plus or minus 3 percentage points from the answers that would be obtained if all people in the U.S. were polled.

Names of celebrities that respondents volunteered were not on the list of possible answers in the poll question.

There are other sources of potential error in polls, including the wording and order of questions. Results may not total 100 percent because of rounding. An “X” signifies less than 1 percent.

1. If you were asked to name a famous person to be the biggest villain of the year, whom would you choose? –

George W. Bush, 25 percent –
Osama bin Laden, 8 percent –
Saddam Hussein, 6 percent –
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, 5 percent –
Kim Jong Il, North Korean leader, 2 percent –
Donald Rumsfeld, 2 percent –
John Kerry, 1 percent –
Rosie O’Donnell, 1 percent –
Dick Cheney, 1 percent –
Hillary Clinton, 1 percent –
Brad Pitt, 1 percent –
Tom Cruise, 1 percent –
Satan/The Devil, 1 percent –
Donald Trump, 1 percent –
O.J. Simpson, 1 percent –
Hugo Chavez, 1 percent –
George Clooney, 1 percent –
Nancy Pelosi, 1 percent –
Bill Clinton, 1 percent –
Colin Farrell, 1 percent –
Oprah Winfrey, 1 percent –
Mel Gibson, X percent –
Paris Hilton, X percent –
Terrell Owens, X percent –
Britney Spears, X percent –
Angelina Jolie, X percent –
Arnold Schwarzenegger, X percent –
Santa Claus, X percent –
Bill O’Reilly, X percent –
Martha Stewart, X percent –
Matt Damon, X percent –
Other, 15 percent – None, X percent –
Not sure, 20 percent


5 Responses to “The Biggest Villains of 2006”

  1. Mags Says:

    I woke up this morning and remembered my dream. It was about your family, which is weird b/c I haven’t talked to you in a few weeks. Nothing bad happened but it was very ordinary.

    Owen was singing. You guys were drawing pictures for Dean but the paper already had stuff on it, so you had to draw on the other side. Owen wouldn’t stop singing to draw. You started writing “Merry Christmas Daddy” but only got to write Merry Christmas Da” and Dean came home.

    There was more, but…weird that I had a dream about you guys.

  2. the108 Says:

    That’s crazy…lol. You’ll have to tell me the rest someday. I’m hoping it was a good dream?

  3. Segue Says:

    Can I point out that the same people who voted Bush Villian of the Year also elected him president? TWICE?

    The masses = Them asses

    …as the saying goes.

  4. Segue Says:

    And who the heck are the “not sure” voters? One out of five people surveyed said “not sure”?

  5. Mags Says:

    HE is an ass.


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